Olympic Cyclist Throws Her Hands up in Victory as She Crosses the Finish Line. But…

WJ:Neither the gold medal winner nor the woman who celebrated when she thought she had won could quite believe the results of the women’s Olympic bicycle road race on Sunday.

Dutch rider Annemiek van Vleuten put on a massive gold medal-worthy display of victory as she crossed the finish line.

But there was one catch.

Anna Keisenhofer of Austria had been so far ahead of the rest of the pack that two minutes before van Vleuten had celebrated her finish, Keisenhofer had already had won the race,Β  according to Cycling News.

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  1. Did anyone else punch into the search engine “is Anna Keisenhofer trans?” before reading anything else?

  2. Sailboat racing on a particularly low wind day, one Summer Sunday afternoon in Dallas, my son and I were completely lapped by whole fleet of the fast dinghy racers and my fleet was close to lapping us also.

    We needed one full lap to complete the race when we crossed the “finish” line.

    The committee boat blew the horn and declared us the winner of our fleet. We just went to the docks and called it a day.

    As soon as everyone was back to the docks it was easy to straighten out, but we weren’t going around that course again and keeping the race crew out when we were definitely last already.

    I can see a cycle race not knowing actual position if you can’t see the whole course at once like we could.

  3. Canadian Boxer Mandy Bujold got pregnant and had a kid.
    She timed it a couple years ago to allow her to get to the last 3 qualifiers BEFORE the OLYMPICS.
    COVID hits and she ends up missing the earlier qualifiers that she obviously planned to miss due to pregnancy but also any of the ones she thought she would be able do closer to the date. They were cancelled officially.

    Totally HER CHOICE but she decides to fight the Olympic Committee on the basis of Gender. She is a real woman, but her issue is that women should be able to be mothers & competitors and MEN do not have the same issues. Therefore, gender inequality!

    The Olympics Caves and give her a spot. Remember, she really has not been to a qualifier in what appears to be at least 2 years.

    In she goes, get creamed, crys on TV that she didn’t have her coach, but it was a victory for women’s rights and gender.

    My issue was this:
    1) You made the choice to have a baby and left the qualifiers to the latter events. YOUR CHOICE
    2) The qualifiers are there to ensure a minimum standard of conditioning & skill (she admitted she was rusty & sluggish)


  4. @JDHasty – Yea, I have missed the entire Olympics also. I’ve been too busy cleaning guns and whatnot, but thanks for the reminder about the lawn mower tires.

  5. At the next olympics, it’s going to be great! By then, all the women’s events will be dominated by trannys. You think there’s whining now!

  6. I would get lapped in motocross so much I didn’t know if the blue flags or the checkers were for me. The black (meatball)flag during the last race of the day meant beer tent.

  7. I remember a mountain bike race many years ago. When I crossed the finish line, my middle daughter asked me “dad, why did so many people finish ahead of you?” I told her “Because I’m too old, too fat and too slow.” She said “oh, dad, you’re not that old.”

  8. I have no interest in watching the Olympics, but this afternoon I was spelling my sister and looking after my Alzheimer’s bro-in-law and he had it on the teevee.

    I have to admit, the table tennis (a/k/a ping-pong) was pretty good. If you pumped me full of amphetamines and compared me to the guys I saw play today, you’d think you were looking at a three-toed sloth.

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