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Olympic Officials: No BLM demonstrations during Olympics Events, Ceremonies


Two weeks ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials announced a ban on demonstrations during the Tokyo Olympics. The shocking outcome on the policy came after the IOC announced the ban on protesting was put in place after a “majority” of 3,500 athletes it polled were IN FAVOR of strict rules against demonstrations.

Officials have also just confirmed that athletes will NOT be allowed to wear “Black Lives Matter” apparel at Tokyo Olympics Games ceremonies this summer. “BLM” slogans will be allowed during interviews and team meetings but not during ceremonies, at the podium, or during competition. more

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  1. The Olympic people are the greediest in the world. They are doing this because they do not want people TUNING OUT.
    People have turned off sports, awards ceremonies, & movies due to “wokeness”. They know this.

    The huge debt the Olympics thrust upon stupid host nations and the impending ratings disaster will come regardless but they clearly are trying to mitigate the losses.
    Brazil was a fucking $$$$ disaster.
    Japan will be much worse.

    Finally, protest bans will not stop some assholes posturing on the podium or in other places.
    I’d bet money on it.

    Don’t care, won’t watch.

  2. Yup, I will see if they actually enforce this. My guess is that they will not sanction the athletes that do not follow these rules.

    I do support the Olympics, but my money goes to the Special Olympics.
    I have had the pleasure of working with the athletes of the Special Olympics in multiple sports (bowling (OK, I can understand those that do not consider this a sport), tennis, volleyball, and golf).

    I am in awe of these athletes. Not only have they gone above and beyond (like the “regular” Olympic athletes, but they have chosen not to be limited by any roadblock that has been put in front of them.

    I would much rather say that I have had the privilege of meeting them, and am humbled that they allowed me to work with them than say that I contributed to their odyssey. I was there, they have shown me that the tribulations I have endured in my life were trivial in comparison to what they have overcome. I learned a lot more than they ever could have learned from me.

    To make things short, support the Special Olympics! They are the true “underserved” and deserve the support. Just my opinion.

  3. They will only have Japanese fans, no outsiders so this makes sense.

    They don’t want to see some preening baboon on the podium taking a knee or raising a fist like a dick-headed sack of shit.
    Or some lesbo cunt Karen bitching incessantly about every fucking perceived slight.
    Fuck these assholes, the Japanese have taken the DeSantis way…

  4. If they care about revenues and ratings at all, they’ll ban asshole Bob Costas from every broadcast.

  5. What! You mean the world isn’t racist like Blm says?

    Well excuse me – it must be my white privilege showing.

    I thought everything and everyone except black people were racists.

    Nothing like getting lectures from an 18 year old who has no clue what the societal racism we inherited from our European ancestors who lived the servile life under the thumbs of their betters.

    I could tell you what it was like growing up as a poor foster child in the late fifties and early sixties who was kept in his place by conniving foster families and social workers who marketed us to farmers as free labor.

  6. I bet we get blm demonstrations within 48 hrs of the opening on the Olympics…
    The truth is…. They can protest but no one cares!
    F*** BLM
    F*** ANTIFIA
    F*** the CCP
    And F*** the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

  7. I don’t care what their reasoning is.
    BLM is a blight – a criminal enterprise whose membership (and leadership) should be arrested, tried, and executed.
    Good for the Japs.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Break dancing is considered an Olympic sport so why no BLM kneeling? How about synchronized looting?

  9. @LBS

    I have a Japanese friend I speak to very regularly.
    He says Most Japanese are against proceeding and were against the initial bid.
    According to him, there are many people and places who have have still never recovered from Fukushima. Corona made sentiment much worse. His words not mine.

    I.m not certain, but I’ll take his word

  10. Turned off the Olympics forever when woman skier just had to take her moment of fame to bad mouth President Trump.

  11. You don’t think there will be any raised fists or BLM banners waved? Trust me – the only way to stop this crap is to shoot them. And then there’s the Olympics….

  12. This would be an issue if they had only listened to my advice years ago: Follow the tradition of the original olympics; all athletes must compete naked. Problem solved.


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