O’Malley Urges U.S. to Take in 65,000 Syrian Refugees


Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is urging to the U.S. to take in 65,000 Syrian refugees. O’Malley made the plea in an email this evening to supporters.

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  1. “You say all these people are your brothers and sisters? Then you won’t mind if they come stay at your house’
    -High Plains Drifter

  2. “You say all these people are your brothers and sisters? Then you won’t mind if they all come stay at your house.”
    -High Plains Drifter

  3. A low ball estimate for each potential terrorist forced on an unwilling populace would be $50,000/year. EBT, WIC, Section 8, free school, finest medical and health care, obama phones, free internet, free cable, free utilities, and the associated bloated government overhead.

    65,000 x $50,000 = $3.25 BILLION/year.Every single year and growing as the muzzies tend to breed like rabbits.

    Think we might find a better way to spend that money? You know, like on citizens.

  4. O’Malley is a vicious, downright soul ugly man. What else would these people bring to your shores. Well a lot of them will bring their religious hatred Sunni vs Shia, Muslim vs Jew/Christian, Political Hatred Syrian/Iraqi VS Kurd, what ever family ongoing feuds they may have, Hatred toward what they can find as a symbol of their home governments and finally some will bring a hatred of America who they blame for this nightmare. Oh, you can bet that within all these refugees there are lots of agent provocateurs from ISIS as well as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Iran etc etc etc whose job it is to both recruit fighters for foreign wars and to spread the hatred in American mosques and prepare the ground with sleepers.

    We’re having problems up here now that they published that sad photo of a dead refugee who father tried to get landed immigrant status in Canada a few months ago. After investigation he and the family was denied to the dumb fuck hops on a overcrowded boat and heads to Greece. The boat sinks and the family dies. Now the Liberal and NDP Parties are making this an election issue because they know that the reason they were denied can’t be disclosed because of privacy rules.

  5. Open your wallet O’Malley! The political class gangs have robbed us long enough.
    You don’t get credit for being Santa Clause when your hand is
    in our pockets to pay the bills.

  6. OK, O’Malley, if you do that you should put them all in the Secret Service presidential protection detail, the Capitol Police, and the Federal Protection Service. Oh, yeah, and since your record as mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland clearly shows that you really, really hate guns, don’t let them carry any.

  7. I agree with O’Malley. Take in all 65,000, but house them all in liberal strong holds like San Francisco. Since ISIS is happy they can infiltrate the refugee crisis and sneak into the west. Once they get a load of a few of those San Francisco pride parades, well 2 birds with one stone as they say.

  8. Satan’s army, all fucking democRats. These damn muslims breed faster than rabbits and before the year 2100 there won’t be a non muslim left in the world. 😡

    Dear God you can come back any time now.

  9. This is a good example of the Hegelian principal at work. Create the problem (ISIS) and then step in to clean up their destruction (offer asylum for refugees). This will further create problems with more bogus solutions until we’re finally under sharia law and total despotism.

  10. As long as every fucking one of them goes to (and stays in) Baltimore or Annapolis, and not a single Federal tax dollar is spent on them, then I’m OK with it.

    Let MD foot the bill.

    Other than that; Fuck You, O’Malley!

  11. Thanks to O’wreckamerica’s executive order #12892, “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing”, he can and WILL put those refugees where he damn well pleases, all while he mistreats and disrespects our veterans through the Veteran’s Administration, and also our millions of homeless citizens. If you want to keep up with the news on all the refugees being crammed into the USA, visit Ann Corcoran’s website, she has been warning americans for eight years. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/if-your-town-is-taking-hud-housing-dollars-diversity-in-the-form-of-third-world-refugees-is-on-the-way/

  12. Not enough, Tim. Am guessing that many are already trained for agitation and running for city and county offices, because, who else would speak to their concerns?

  13. Put ’em all in downtown Ballimer and give ’em that state attorney’s name and number. Don’t forget to fence the city limits.

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