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One Million Years BC

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PatriotRetort– While addressing a climate conference in Toronto, Governor Jerry Brown, like his Master Barack, used the opportunity to insult and attack the American People who question the alleged “settled science” of “Climate Change.”

“We have a lot of troglodytes south of the border,” he said (hat tip the LA Times)


Aren’t those cavemen?

Seems an odd thing to call those of us who do not deny technology, progress and modern-day advancement.

Considering the “Green Movement” seems to strive to return us to the halcyon days of prehistoric times — where we cannot heat our own homes, drive our own vehicles, or live a modern-day lifestyle because it might offend the Great God of the Planet — it seems a more fitting description of you, Governor, than of us.  more

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  1. It’s because they know they lack data to support their claims – as with nearly every Leftist stance. They try to use shame to avoid discussion. It has been a pretty effective tactic – so what if it destroys lives, the economy, etc.?

  2. Every time this preznit refers to us Americans, it elicits the same response from me. “Ef you too, jackass.”

    Is that disrespectful enough? Or should my reaction be worse?

  3. And this coming from a Preezy that has ratcheted us down to a third world status, ballooned our debt beyond $18 trillion then had the balls to stop the clock over 16 weeks ago.

    Of course he is sharing the stage with a clown that has welcomed millions of illegals into our state, while driving hundreds of thousands of taxpayers OUT. And if that isn’t enough, Brownie has spent the last decade adding demand to our water resources, while refusing to ad storage capacity, then blames it on Republicans and Global Warming.

    He needs to plant some of that new artificial turf to his head to keep the sun from making him more stupid than he already is.

  4. Perfect!

    I’m visiting Sacramento and the wife and I went to a grocery store to buy a few things for the weekend. We always take our own paper bags with us because the ‘tard scum in Sonoma County have had plastic grocery bags outlawed. (The fact that those plastic grocery bags do double and even triple duty — grocery bags, lunch bags, garbage bags — hasn’t sunk into the ‘tard brain. But I can still buy one-use plastic garbage bags. Fuckin’ ‘tards.) Well, we’re in the check out line and the bagger grabs a new paper bag to use rather than ours. We tell her that we brought our own and the checker say, “We don’t charge for grocery bags here. And we still have plastic bags, too.”

    We explained that in Sonoma County the plastic was outlawed and everything else costs. The checker said, “Not in Sacramento County. They’re still considering a vote.”

    Interesting! The CA legislature passes a law that says any county may outlaw plastic bags but the county the legislature has to live in for most of the year has delayed the vote. Hmmmm! Wonder why? I’m sure so as to not inconvenience the legislators. Laws for thee but not for me.

    Eradicate the left.

  5. Sonoma County voted that in separate from the pending state legislation. There’s a few other counties that did the same including Santa Clara and San Fransisco.

  6. It’s not that they are upset at people who disagree with them on climate change, it is that they are upset with people who disagree with them at all.

    From “bitter clingers” to “punish your enemies”, the ongoing trend for this administration and its state-level lackeys is the demonization of anyone who might take an opposing view. No argument, just repetitive name calling

    It is the strategy of a child, but it has proven successful in our increasingly infantile society.

  7. When people start fleeing the sunny warm south to retire in the frozen wastelands of Toronto I might listen to those idiots about “climate change”. In the mean time Canada, real men of the USA don’t wear our wives bikini bottoms at the beach. They are called swim trunks or board shorts down here…check into that will ya?

  8. I’m pro-warming, so I use lots of energy and burn lots of stuff. I also enjoy using lots of natural resources. Most kids these days are so awful, I’m using up as much as I can, just so there’s nothing left for them.

  9. I had my own Construction Co in San Diego for 20 years and watched Cali go from the Golden state to the Brown state. I would say nuke it but my youngest daughter still lives in the hellhole.

  10. Y’all are missing something here. “Troglodytes south of the border?” Now, which border would that be? Although the phrase typically refers to the US-Mexico border, given the context of it being part of criticism of the GOP, I think he is referring to this border: the Mason-Dixon line. It is 1860 again, only this time the green energy interests of the North are pitted against the coal and oil interests of the South.

  11. Remember ,

    In KALIFORNIA it’s either Illegal or mandatory . Illegals have a run of the place & it’s mandatory to pay for their & other parasites free shit . For now , till the whole shit-house collapses ….

    Such is life beneath the ” iron fist of the caliban …”

    Who is john galt ?

    S.F.Y Out …

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