One of the Left’s Biggest Unions is Fighting Vaccine Mandates

Frontpage: Despite the massive propaganda campaign by Democrats, from Biden on down, to their media, vaccine opposition is actually highest among minorities, not Republicans, especially black people. As hospitals and health care facilities impose mandatory vaccination protocols, they’re on a collision course with black health care workers.

And their powerful SEIU union.

SEIU is infamous for its radicalism and its power. Its members are a mainstay of Democrat and lefty organizing in major urban areas. If you want to understand why Democrats are treading carefully when it comes to vaccine mandates and passports, SEIU is a good place to start. more

h/t Left Coast Dan

8 Comments on One of the Left’s Biggest Unions is Fighting Vaccine Mandates

  1. Just another oppression from whitey, we ain’t no part of no herd immunity programmes, no sirree!

    We’s just doin’ our jobs and I don’t need no vaccine jabs.

    Good for them for a change.

  2. Health freedom is the only issue that matters at this point. If they can mandate injecting something into you, you are not free, you are a commodity of Big Pharma. And Trump or anyone interested should jump on this and lead the charge. This isn’t a democrat or republican issue – it is a freedom issue for all. And sadly we just saw last week how even Desantis started going along with the unvaccinated pandemic. Everyone has a price and most politicians are on the dole of Big Pharma.

  3. It’s an inevitability of tribal politics that the millions of liberal identity group’s priorities will clash. Intersectionality of competing interests.


  4. They voted for this BS now it’s time to pay. I have no sympathy for these people, strap them down and force vaccinate, wtf do I care. Kneeling at the altar of Big Brother apparently has some repercussions so feel free to go enjoy the suck of your own creation and leave me alone.

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