Onward Over Yonder Cliff

[…] The die has been cast multiple times and the Rubicon has been crossed. There were plenty of times the Democrats could have turned back. But, even staring down poll numbers that should have disabused them of any desire to go the way of impeachment, they marched on unabated, straight for a cliff. Full story here

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  1. From the Link: “At least Caesar became the dictator of the Roman Republic for his trouble. Nan and Chuck can’t even get a decent poll.”

    Maybe not, but those two will get re-elected, which is all that really matters.

  2. I’ve been listening to the so-called Democrat impeachment managers today — it’s on livestream, so I have no choice but to let it run its course. The one thing that is absolutely clear is the Democrats have no intention of seeking the truth. In fact, they are using the Senate “trial” to continue every bit of slander they can possibly scrape up from the bottom of the barrel against him. It’s not merely disgusting to listen to, it’s diabolical.

  3. This election is going to be “Must See TV”. Watching the retched left meltdown on national television is going to be so satisfying.
    The anticipation is killing me.

  4. I really tried to watch, but I’ve seen it before – again, and again, and again. Couldn’t keep it on. Turned it off, listened to Christian music and had a pleasant day yesterday.

    Didn’t even attempt it today.

    I’ll try when the president’s team begins to speak.

    I am a political junkie and if I can’t stay engaged, what does that say about the majority of people in the country?

    God, please continue to bless this wonderful president with the care of our country.

  5. And right on cue, wet rag Erick Erickson performs his usual smug triangulation, saying that both Republicans and Democrats looked bad yesterday because…and then I turned off the radio.

    I turned it back on a half hour later, and he was warning somberly that Republicans could lose the Senate if they…and then I turned off the radio again.

    Has he ever been right about anything of consequence?

  6. Just gimmee the funniest cliff notes in a 3-minute-or-less Youtube when it’s done… cos’ I AIN’T wastin’ my time watching it in the interim!

  7. I watched it yesterday and last night, I couldn’t stomach it today. I can’t listen to Shifty Shit for that many hours, just can’t force myself to.

    I once could read Democrats, but they’re too damn insane now, the old Democrats would never have done this as it hurts them politically everywhere but Commiefornia and the bluest states. I don’t understand why they did it and not really sure they know why or what they’re doing because they’re insane.

  8. I look forward to seeing the President’s lawyers take the dems apart at the seams. They have been given so many lies to refute and there are still too many hours for dems to continue to lie.


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