Orange County’s Booming Foreign-Born Population Coincides with Democrat Electoral Sweep

Breitbart- Orange County, California — once considered a conservative holdout in the blue state — has been electorally swept by Democrats in the midterm elections, coinciding with the region’s booming foreign-born populations.

Until the midterm elections, four of Orange County’s six congressional districts were held by Republicans, including Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA).

In the midterms, though, Democrats swept Orange County with wins in all six congressional districts, turning the region blue. At the same time of Democrat dominance in the county, the foreign-born population is booming to record levels with the majority of foreign residents arriving from Latin America and Asia.

California’s 46th District, already a Democrat-held congressional seat, has a foreign-born population that is now reaching 40 percent with four-out-of-ten residents being born outside the United States.

The other Democrat-held congressional seat in Orange County, California’s 47th District, has a foreign-born population of nearly 30 percent.

Three of Orange County’s four Republican districts that have flipped to Democrat have foreign-born populations that make up 25 percent or more of the region. For example, California’s 39th District — where Democrat Gil Cisneros won over Republican Young Kim — has a 34.1 percent foreign-born population.

In the 45th District, where Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA) has conceded to Democrat Katie Porter, the foreign-born population makes up nearly 30 percent of the district.

Similarly, in the state’s 48th District, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) — the former speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan — lost to Democrat Harley Rouda after serving in the seat since 2013. That district’s foreign-born population is now near 25 percent.  more here

8 Comments on Orange County’s Booming Foreign-Born Population Coincides with Democrat Electoral Sweep

  1. I had a professor at Ohio State, an actual Socialist, who told me way back in 2001 or 2002 that this was going to happen. He said it like it was a good thing, though.

  2. i’m just sittin here laughin at em all, and when the open border shit hits the fan whos fault is it gonna be?

  3. Proof that their plan is working. All this phony compassion is just to cloud the issue.
    California is a one party state never to return, and there’s more to come.
    I laugh when I here dems spouting off about republicans being for big business, they should do some closer examination and maybe the concept of the deep state will finally occur to them.

  4. Yep, change the culture with migration and breeding just like the muzzies in Europe. White people must unite or be exterminated.


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