Oregon as America’s Greece


As most of the world points,laughs and gives the headshake to Greece over its socialist-driven economic meltdown, Americans don’t need to look east to see the scourge of liberal policies. Look west to the state of Oregon, and you’ll see our very own fascist chaos wrapped in concern-troll self-righteousness that would make every failed leftist politician blush.  MORE

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  1. I remember the Don’t Californicate Oregon signs from back in the early 70’s. To me it looks like Oregon’s been totally coopted and Californicated since then and especially now. I love Oregon’s beauty but not it’s political class, hell you still can’t pump your own gas in Oregon (New Jersey is the only other state where you can’t pump your own gas). And Wash. State, my home state is not much better especially W. of the Cascades. Idaho is starting to look better all the time. I could be very comfortable in Idaho.

  2. I’m guessing that Oregon is much worse off than Greece, but that the Federal Leviathan keeps it buoyed.

    The Flush is Coming.

  3. They also like to burn babies to use as electricity for their special needs car to pick up a triple mocha latte with whip cream, sprinkles and a shot from a high risk dropout teenager at a Starbucks drive thru line that wraps around the block.

  4. Oregon will never change. Liberal policies are all driven by the wealthy and super wealthy. The super wealthy control everything in the state; media, courts, education, business. The gays and wealthy have massive treasure chests to force liberalism and beat down any attempts to scale back.

  5. My wife’s friends, from the other side of the world, are all asking my wife just what is America turning into? THIS is the story that’s resonating around the world, as no one outside of America (or communist China) can comprehend how someone can lose everything over a cake and two Fascist Drama Queens.

    I would bet those in Asia know more about this story than the typical consumer of low information, American journalism.

  6. Oregon was admitted to the Union on February 14, 1859. Founded as a refuge from disputes over slavery, Oregon had a “whites only” clause in its original state Constitution.

  7. We are outnumbered by useful idiots that are spoon fed crap from government education, Public /Government Radio and the mainstream media, but there is a reckoning coming, entitlement policies and goofy government will end badly.
    Don’t forget Oregon wants be first in tax you by the mile and track you everywhere you go bonus.

  8. Way back when Oregon had normal human beings living there they implemented a campaign to try to discourage the very assholes that insisted on moving there anyway. They were invaded and occupied by a subhuman subculture of cretins that worship at the altar of Marxism and liberalism! Now they are rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the country like a virulent virus that consumes and wreaks it’s host!

  9. A few years back, I read where “Klingon” was one of the languages you could choose when receiving social services in Oregon.

    Change the state’s name to Oregone, in the interest of full disclosure, of course.

  10. Like Greece, they never learn, and impose the same insane policies again and again.

    Liberals are like that. Take NYT’s Paul Krugman, “economist extraordinaire” (so he says). Read his column below on the Greece disaster, and the “wrong” thinking of the Republicans..how austerity will not work, blah, blah, blah.

    Hey Paul, how’s that Keynesian thing working out? Things are great under Obama, right??


  11. Gosh. I remember the salad days of my youth, when the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts ranked as the bluest of the blue.

  12. And the worst is yet to come. Now that pot is legal here, we are bracing for the next onslaught of dope-smoking useless slackers from the golden (shower) state.

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