Oregon Bill Would Give Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses, Possible Voting Rights

GP: The Oregon legislature is moving ahead with a bill that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. House Bill 2015 “Eliminates requirement that person provide proof of legal presence before Department of Transportation issues noncommercial driver license, noncommercial driver permit or identification card.

The 26-page bill would remove from the law phrases such as “proof of legal presence in the United States or, if the person is not eligible for a Social Security number, proof of legal presence in the United States and proof that the person is not eligible for a Social Security number” and “A person provides proof of legal presence in the United States by submitting valid documentation, as defined by the department by rule, that the person is a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States or is otherwise legally present in the United States in accordance with federal immigration laws.”

The chief sponsor of the bill is Representative Diego Hernandez, who was the subject of a recent sexual harassment investigation. Of course he avoids the Kavanaugh treatment because he’s Hispanic and has a D next to his name. He was even able to paint himself out to be the victim.

In addition to being able to obtain driver’s licenses, this could also mean illegal aliens could register to vote.   more here

18 Comments on Oregon Bill Would Give Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses, Possible Voting Rights

  1. In Washington DC the motherfuckers had driver’s licenses and insurance 12 years ago.

    State Farm, and I’m not making this shit up, was granting these non-entity motherfuckers policies.

    The fucking DCDOT was spraying out driving licenses for these rats.

    I’m an American… born right here in Vajinga… and I have to come up with documents that I haven’t seen in 30 years. THESE fucking rats…!

  2. Countrywide Bank (in California) was giving illegals home loans before 0bama was forcing banks to do it. They lost money. Surprise!
    They were bought out in ’09.

    I guess entire states want the same thing to happen to them.

  3. The latest technique of election fraud, except now the Dems are blatantly out in the open because there are no consequences to criminal activity…for them. The Left is nothing less than purveyors of treason, any state that does this should lose every bit of Federal funds…that will slow the scumbaggery.



  5. OK. They have to produce a birth certificate, right? Can take the driver’s written test in English, right? Can read and understand the myriad of driving laws in every state, right?
    uh. No.
    Why are they making it so easy for illegal aliens to squat in our country?

  6. insurance, they really have insurance? half of the locals in St Louis city don’t have insurance.

  7. I live in Oregon and I am more than sorry to say the liberal PHUCK WIPES that run this state have out voted, cheated, lied, or otherwise fraudulently dominated the mass majority of common-sensed citizens.

    With Conservatives wisely exiting the state because of the endless attack of communism/socialism/Marxism, I suspect I may have to consider following suit.
    I literally despise democrat shitheads, liberals and commies alike.
    When the revolution begins…..I will defend this country with whatever means is necessary regardless of the enemy’s relationship.

  8. Returned to Maryland in 2003. While applying for the re-instating of my drivers license, was surrounded by illegals applying for the first time. Got hassled, good thing I still had my original MD license. Cut to the point here, the illegals were being turned away in droves, yet, encouraged to fill out Voter Registration forms which they gladly accepted.
    Certainly what the DMV should be allowed to hawk and maintain.

  9. I highly encourage all wetbacks to go to Oregon. Go for the love and do the jobs Americans won’t do.

  10. About 20 years ago some dickheads at the DMVs in Oregon were giving drivers licenses to Illegals by the hundreds. Oregon is supposed to have Real ID (or whatever it is called) in June of this year. 18 years after 9/11.

  11. “In addition to being able to obtain driver’s licenses, this could also mean illegal aliens could register to vote. ”

    Couple this with the growing popular vote movement and ” We the People of the United States …….. ” becomes something more like “We the People of the World …….. “.

    Another step in the direction of America’s destruction as an independent and sovereign nation.

  12. The greater the franchise, the less each vote counts.
    The socialists (nihilists, totalitarians in general) know this.

    And who counts the votes is more important than who gets to vote.
    Look for voter fraud to skyrocket.

    But, of course, the lies will continue: they’ll accuse every critic of being a “conspiracy theorist” and the media (lapdogs of totalitarianism) will echo the same lies.

    And the Oreganoes will “bend over and take it like a man.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Revoke Oregon’s licenses as being a valid form of ID with respect to reciprocity with other states.

    Go get a passport if you intend to drive across the country.

  14. Then drivers licenses are NO LONGER to be used as proof of residency for voting. If you want ILLEGALS to have drivers licenses. In the military you could get and INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE with no picture on it so it could NOT be used for a voter ID.


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