Oregon is among top Afghan refugee sites

According to the U.S. State Department, Oregon is among the 15 states that have reached out as welcoming communities for Afghanistan refugees.  Within Oregon the places most likely to locate these refugees will be Portland and Salem according to the Medford Mail Tribune.   The number of expected refugees could be anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 nationally. – Oregon Catalyst

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  1. Just another reason to move out of this once beautiful state that has been intentionally turned into an American shithole.


  2. Just read an article this weekend that over 100 of them were in Tulsa, OK. So I wish all of them were going to Oregon.

    Our governor is an idiot even if far too many can’t get that. He says he will welcome them because they’ve been vetted by the U.N. and federal agencies.

    But whoopie he signed some gun laws, 10TH amendment law and no mask/vaccine mandates for schools. He’s already caved on the mask bullshit and schools saying there is nothing he can really do about it but have the AG take them to court. So anyone who caves so easily will cave when the feds withhold money or put pressure on him. He refuses to call a special session to stop employers from mandating vaccines.

    All I can say is I didn’t vote for him in the primary, runoff or general election. I knew what he was going to be and to be honest he surprised me that he has actually signed some good laws.

    Honestly though the only gun law we need is a law that says we abide by the constitution and we’re all free to own or carry as many guns as we want.

  3. They have to have someplace to train their new troops. Sympathetic states makes the most sense. Allah SS or Allah Gestapo.
    We’ll know for sure when Pelosi converts.

  4. This location was suggested so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the culture shock. Other than the landscape they should experience very little difference .

  5. Also being reported today by the Virginia Department of Health…a surge of Measles in northern and central Virginia.
    Measles had been eliminated until the afghanis were flown into Dulles airport.

  6. With a government like ours, who needs a Trojan horse? First class flight with fuzzy slippers and you can pick up your scimitar at the gate.

    Thanks for flying American.

  7. I moved out of the Portland area 7-8 years ago when they jammed the city with Somalis. Somalis are useless unless you need someone to drive a taxi. That’s all they do…

  8. PHenry
    “…a surge of Measles”
    Covid wasn’t working anymore, needed a new disease and a new vaccine.
    Of course it will be FREEEEEE.

  9. Would the challenge of camel jockeys training to be gas pump jockeys be too much for them?
    Or do they let you get your own gas now?

  10. As small as the population is here in Maine, it won’t be long before we’re all praying to Mecca, what with all the musloids this bitch governor has allowed in.

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