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“Organized Transnational Gangs” Are Breaking Into Exclusive Homes in Michigan

For decades, a majority of Oakland County, MI. residents have been voting for Democrats.

GP: Up and down the streets of affluent neighborhoods, signs reading, “No person is illegal” and “In this house, we believe…”NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL,” can be found in front of several million-dollar homes. Nothing says “I’m a better person than my neighbor” than a virtue-signaling sign that celebrates illegal aliens in America—until, of course, the local sheriff warns that YOU are about to become their next victim—and no amount of virtue-signaling will stop them.

Unfortunately, liberal elites living in Oakland County, MI, who’ve proudly supported Democrats for decades, are about to see first-hand what happens when you elect Democrats with no regard for our national security.

On Friday, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard warned Oakland County, MI residents that he’s working with the FBI and Homeland Security to combat the serious threat of violent “transnational gangs” who are breaking into homes in exclusive areas and stealing millions of dollars in high-end items. more

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  1. The ‘we believe’ signs ought to be good indicators of an easy target. I’m sure it would be racist to put a ‘armed and willing to defend my shit’ sign in mesoamerican Spanish in the yard. It would be polite though.

  2. In my neighborhood, every fourth or fifth house has that sign on their front lawn.

    Here’s something else that is so nauseatingly “woke” that I want to punch the owners. On every block (sometimes 2 on a block) there are these homemade portable food pantries, multiple shelves with various produce and canned goods, with a sign that says ,”Help yourself”. This is an affluent area, 3 car garage homes, Teslas in the driveways, nobody within 10 square miles is either homeless or starving, yet, all these Francis of Assisi wannabes display their piety and righteousness on their sleeve for their neighbors. And the food never disappears. Libs are so funny sometimes.

  3. “Where did that image come from? I faintly recall seeing the original video, but I can’t place it.”

    Damien Jurado – Day of the Robot

    Actually, the song is pretty good…IMO.

  4. It’s going to be all fun until they start hitting “more” despicable neighborhoods that are suspicious by nature and locked/loaded at night. We’ll just see how well Juan and Juanita are welcome to steal our stuff….

  5. Well, don’t fool yourselves, these gangs have finally figured out that where they live there’s very little of value. They will kick in your door and kill everyone inside for your wife’s jewelry. It’s already started and will ramp up quickly. I have no sympathy for the unprepared

  6. “We are a nation in decline.”

    The election of that hypocritical lying ass Jiminy Carter was evidence of that.
    The Clinton election was further proof.
    The Obola election put us under water.
    The stolen election that placed the Retarded Pedophile Usurper Joey in the White Hut is when we struck bottom.

    It’s gonna be a real fight to get back to the surface – much less up into the air.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. NEWS FLASH: it isn’t just fucking Democrats who pull this shit, the Republican establishment has as much to do with it as do the Democrats. Heir feigned opposition is just the part they play in this farce. Buy a clue, steal a clue, I don’t give a flying fuck how you get it through your heads, but GET A CLUE. If it weren’t for the Goddamned Republican part in this IT WOULDN’T HAVE GONE DOWN AS IT DID.

  8. Ghost,
    Great idea. LOL!
    And be sure to practice The Four Esses;
    Suppress (ssshhhh…)
    Shut Up


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