O’Rourke Campaign Has Not Paid El Paso Police Officers for Campaign Launch


Former Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke’s presidential campaign has yet to pay El Paso police officers nearly $21,000 for the 675 hours of overtime they put in during his campaign launch on March 30, local TV station KTSM reports.

So far, taxpayers have been footing the bill, and the city of El Paso warns that the O’Rourke campaign could owe more if it does not pay by the May 24 deadline.

“They have to come and pay the bill. There is a fee assessed if they don’t pay by a certain amount of time, but that’s regulated by the state. So we will email and make phone calls to remind them that,” Laura Cruz-Acosta, an El Paso city official told KTSM.

According to Cruz-Acosta, the city has already been in communication with the O’Rourke campaign. KTSM has also reached out to the O’Rourke campaign, but has not received a response.

When O’Rourke launched his campaign, he saw one of the most successful fundraising spurts on his first day, raising $6.1 million in the first 24 hours. O’Rourke beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) $5.9 million, the record at the time.  more here

6 Comments on O’Rourke Campaign Has Not Paid El Paso Police Officers for Campaign Launch

  1. Maybe he’ll live stream a video of himself crumbling up and tossing the bill while railing against capitalism. He is that smart.

  2. What did he need the police for? Was he afraid some fence jumpers were going to crash the party?

  3. When are people going to ever learn that when it comes to democRATs, ALWAYS get the money up front first and multiply it times two, cuz there are always big messes to clean up afterwards! democRATz are notorious Cheapskates, Chiselers, Welchers, Deadbeats and Freeloaders… which is exactly whut they have in common with their voters!

  4. Everybody please remember, all Democrats want is free shit. But just wait till he comes back to Texas.

  5. …Democrats not wanting to pay for anything themselves, and leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill. Not a surprise.


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