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  1. I think I had five ribbons I could wear on my dress greens. Never deployed, never in harms way (of an actual enemy) and I don’t think I could decode a single one of them. Because they meant jack shit to me.

    But my expert marksmanship medal with the ‘ladder rungs’, that meant something. At least to me.

  2. A friend’s dad was a bird col stationed at Ft Lewis when I just got out of high school and worked at the service station there. He came by in the afternoon on the way in from the training areas daily in the 1980s in the passenger seat of an open Jeep and was either covered in dust or mud depending on the season. The guy was a genuine BAMF who went on to make General Officer. He wouldn’t even look trash like that sitting there in the eye.

  3. Classic example of being promoted beyond your knowledge, experience and ability.
    Austin, Milley, Blinken and Biden are Typical Political Hacks, but these dumbasses left $Millions of Cash, $Billions of Equipment, technology, armaments and got Americans and Afghanis killed and abandoned. Shameful display of cowardice.

    Inept and incompetent doesn’t even come close to describing these clowns.

  4. That’s the same kind of REMF that would fly into a combat zone on the last day of the month, spend the night and then fly back to the states so he could collect his full hostile fire zone pay for the two months and get credit for the combat patch and medals, etc. Because technically he was there. Never fired a shot or got his uniform dirty, never had to carry a ruck or engage the enemy. Never had to cover his six or someone else’s. Fucking useless. Probably got carried through ranger school too as many officers are.

  5. Sorry, not “Outsmarted”, it is a payoff, for their future assistance with something. The question is what?
    Or was it a payoff to secure the opium/heroin supply.
    Don’t forget illegal gold mining.
    They enjoy torturing women, maybe a new Adrenochrome factory.
    Make NO mistake, this was NOT by mistake.
    The defecation will hit the rotating wind propulsion device.

  6. @Brad: “I’m willing to bet they held special classes for this idiot and the Vindman sisters in Ranger School.”

    I’ve wondered about that. Honestly don’t know how that works (worked). I know regular grunts get assigned (after volunteering) to the Ranger battalion (Regiment these days), but have yet to attend Range School. They may well be combat deployed with their unit before attending that school. Pretty sure they have to pass jump school at Benning first though. Which is three weeks of non-stop running and some stuff involving C-130’s and a package on your back that has a strap connects inside the aircraft just before you fall out.

    But all those officers that have that tab that never spent a day doing the job. I just don’t get it.

  7. Lowell

    I know a few Rangers. There’s some “Celebrity Rangers” (Matt Best, etc.) I’ve never seen a fat x Ranger. It’s kind of like Navy Pilots. They’re all sporting about a 7 percent body fat no matter how old they are. I just can’t see these three clowns getting through it.

  8. @Cmn¢¢guy
    “Sorry, not “Outsmarted”, it is a payoff, for their future assistance with something. The question is what?”

    NOT sure, but he came up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay short, against Captain Zero’s “J-V team.” 🙄

    If they send troops under HIS command, against REAL AMERICANS – many of whom ARE ACTUAL battle-hardened veterans??? 🤨 He just may YET earn a Purple Heart.

    The HARD way. 😳

  9. “Outsmarted by men who have sex with goats”

    Better than a senile bastage groping Children LIVE ON THE FUCKING TV FFS!

  10. @Anonymous September 13, 2021 at 9:12 pm – “…They called them ‘Hillary’ and ‘Michelle’…”

    Technically, those two are hildebeasts and wookies, respectively.

  11. “ Vindman is a Swamp POS. His Purple Heart is sketchy at best.”
    WTF, that guy has a Purple Heart? No fucking way. That must have been one hell of a paper cut.

  12. You have no idea how close to reality that meme is.
    Check out ” The Men Who Stare At Goats ” by Jon Ronson.
    It’s not about the Taliban It’s about the US military and bizarre experimentation.

  13. The engagement rules and the permission needed to wax shitheads were a major stumbling blocks. The politicians would not let the military do what they needed to do. We had rotations of military negotiators when it should have been start to finish. There was failure all along the way.

  14. If they were real decorations his fat boy jacket would look even bigger, because empty.
    But in the Age of Participation Trophies, his womanly bosom sports more prizes than a case of Cracker Jacks.

    If he had ANY decency, ethics, class, dignity, valor, self-worth even, his resignation would’ve been tendered already. (but pension)

    Do you suppose he does naked swim at the DC YMCA with Bill Barr??

  15. I read that the Taliban has eliminated higher education in their country. After all, few or none of them even completed high school (or never attended school) and they beat the best educated country in the world.

  16. I was in SAC. We never engaged in battle. We ensured the peace. Thank God we never engaged in battle. If we had, we wouldn’t be here.

  17. @Hambone

    I was young when I read about General LeMay & SAC.
    Still have the book 30 plus years latter.
    Incredible legacy.



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