PA Senate Passes Bill to Make Female Genital Mutilation a Felony in Pennsylvania

( – On Wednesday, June 19, the Pennsylvania Senate passed House Bill 315, which would classify Female Genital Mutilation as a first-degree felony in the Keystone State.

The Pennsylvania House passed the legislation on April 9, and the bill’s primary sponsor, Rep. Thomas P. Murt, told he is “very confident” that Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will sign the legislation into law.

Commenting on the bill’s passage in the Senate on Facebook, Rep. Murt wrote, “This is a major victory for the women of Pennsylvania. I want to thank my colleagues in both the House and Senate for taking this strong and unified stand for the right to be safe from this kind of abuse.” more

10 Comments on PA Senate Passes Bill to Make Female Genital Mutilation a Felony in Pennsylvania

  1. Any parent who would allow FGM belongs in prison. The hell with that fake religion those rag heads are terrorized into going along with.

  2. Diana, I think you just might have hit your head on the nail…… This should wash out nicely.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. This sort of thing could be prosecuted under existing law. Aggravated assault comes to mind as an appropriate charge under PA 18 CS stacked with endangering the welfare of children.

  4. It’s disgusting that laws against savagery such as this even need to be enacted which means there are too many muzzratz living in the USA. Good luck enforcing it since the barbarians live under sharia law and don’t give a rat’s hiney about US laws.

  5. Holy Shit!
    This should be covered under “COMMON SENSE”

    I guess all the legal mumbo-jumbo prevents ‘common-sense’ from being a part of America.

  6. ‘still make tobacco pouches out of your enemies ball sack’.
    I nominate willysgoatgruff for the next HHS Secretary,,
    Never going role another one out of that,,
    Thanks! That made me go cold turkey,,,
    You Magnificent Bastard and future public servant!

  7. Anything Anti-Sharia = Goodness and Courage.

    THEY are trying to use the Constitution against US(a).


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