Palestinian Authority President Abbas Hospitalized

JERUSALEM (AP) — A Palestinian official says President Mahmoud Abbas has been hospitalized with fever.

The aide to Abbas, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with protocol, said the 83-year-old Palestinian leader was diagnosed with a fever on Sunday. Abbas had an ear operation last week, and had returned to the hospital late Saturday for a follow-up.

The Palestinian state news agency quoted the hospital director as saying tests results are “good” without providing further details.

Abbas, a heavy smoker, has a long history of health issues, ranging from heart trouble to a bout with prostate cancer a decade ago.

Abbas has not designated a successor, and the Palestinians have not held presidential elections since 2005 because of the split between Abbas’ Fatah party and the Islamic militant Hamas, which rules Gaza.

11 Comments on Palestinian Authority President Abbas Hospitalized

  1. There’s no such thing/place as palestine. That fact has long destroyed his mental health, now it’s time to finish off the body.

  2. Is he in an Israeli hospital? If so, deport his ass back to Gaza. By catapult. Someone who would gladly kill the doctor who just saved his life can ESAD.

  3. The fever he has now is nothing compared to the heat that awaits him in Hell when he dies.

  4. Ear operation?

    I know what would have prevented the infection.

    A small piece of lead put into the ear at about 950 Ft. per second would have fixed everything for him.

  5. Hammas Hummus Abbas…as Archie would say…whatever.

    I wonder what his net worth is?

    @ mrhanovfist & Tim – speaking of goat, ‘injection’ tool and place of insertion to be determined…


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