Palestinians Refuse to Accept Corona Aid Because It Was Sent On UAE Flight to Israel

Geller Report: This is an example of why peace between Israel and the Palestinians is impossible. This is the hatred that Tlaib and Sarsour were raised in. If Joe Biden is elected POTUS he will sanction this hatred with your tax dollars.

17 Comments on Palestinians Refuse to Accept Corona Aid Because It Was Sent On UAE Flight to Israel

  1. The new national outlook. “Puck Palestinians”, No one has told them beggars can’t be choosers. If they are wiped out by Covid 19, it is their problem, not anyone elses,

  2. “____________ leaders would rather to harm their own people just because of their hate for ___________.“

    Seems to be a lot of that going around.

  3. I don’t give a shit…..

    When people want to be real and drop the politics…..then I’ll become more passionate.

    Don’t misunderstand……liberal politics are pure bullshit but if that’s your game…..Fuck off.

  4. despite the education, technology, space exploration, climate “heroes”, etc, in the end the world will be brought down by stupidity and arrogance

  5. What kind of insane, evil, extremist!? Won’t “compromise”? With people that call them “enemy”? That want them exterminated? If they’re offered a bribe prize?

    Said every Republican. Ever.

  6. Illiterate, inbred, goat fuckers just got to be goatfuckers forever. Hurry up and catch the CHINESE Snot Storm and die, nobody gives a rat’s ass if you are your own worst enemy, please do the world a favor and continue rejecting anything that has been touched by Israel.

  7. Maybe they would rather receive the business end of some artillery fire from Israel. Let’s see.

  8. can all future ´AID´ from US taxpayers to palestine be sent to Israel for distribution to the paslestinians?

  9. @Hardy

    I suspect goats run in the other direction when they see a sexually aroused palestinian approaching.


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