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Paris Vows to Rebuild Notre Dame

Notre-Dame Treasures, Relics Saved After Firefighter-Priest Led Human Chain Inside Burning Cathedral.

BE: The chaplain to the Parisian fire brigade has been hailed as a hero after it was revealed he led efforts to save the priceless holy relics and art stored inside Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The story of Father Jean-Marc Fournier was reported by Christian journalist of French Catholic Television station KTOTV, who revealed the chaplain went into the burning cathedral to retrieve relics and art before they could be damaged by fire and falling debris. Reports state the priest formed a human chain to carry the items away from danger.

Resurrection: Paris Vows to Rebuild Notre Dame After Devastating Fire.

Delingpole: Notre Dame’s Near-Destruction Is a Tragedy Which Shames Our Civilisation.

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  1. Not one thin dime of govt money or it will be forced into an ecumentical center or some such bullshit that is just a stepping stone to it becoming a mosque.

    I have had enough multiculturalism to last me a lifetime

  2. And the catholic church will get you suckers to pay for it while the priests drink the best wines to wash down their fine dining and then spend the rest of every evening ‘studying’ their ‘priceless’ ART work collections.

    That church doesn’t give a fuck about America and I will no longer be quiet about it.

    Fuck You Rome. You lot haven’t followed GOD for centuries.

  3. Yes, yes, the illiterate and Godless pagans need to chime in. Please, tell us Catholics how we should live our lives. Your life seems so happy and fulfilled. How can we be as suave and emotionally mature as you?

  4. @ruth..why do you use Gods name along with your cuss words? You will be judged by your words. Dont take the name of God in have been warned.repent or burn.😑

  5. Nah, it’s the same as always. Disgruntled pagan tree huggers bitin’ at Catholic ankles.

    I mean, I’m not sure TRUTH even knows Notre Dame is in France and therefore not able to stick the American taxpayer for the restoration.

    Also, anyone with any good conspiracy theories linking Trump to the fire, please submit your all cap screed here.

  6. Just pass’n thru
    Appreciate your concern re “Don’t take the name of God in vain”. I didn’t and don’t.
    To reiterate:
    Fuck Rome and all the hypocrites that promote their betrayel.

  7. There should be no government money involved in the rebuilding. If that gets in, it will never be gotten out.
    Let the original builders return and reconstruct what they originally built and can only understand. The Masons. To perform such work is more than mere labor- it is also an expression of adoration for Deity.
    Who knows- I would consider that the Cathedral may still be under original warranty.
    Some things don’t change.

  8. Wonder how many catholic subcontractors that will be hired will donate their labor? What are the Odds?
    Or will they will hire illegals at slave wages just like they do in America.

  9. The French have to rebuild it. It’s a treasure, and there is little choice. It may be the best example of Gothic architecture in all of Europe. Most French people, even atheists (but excluding muslims) will want to see it rebuilt.

    I am glad I saw it in Paris in 1999, because I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the muslim infested city. Too dangerous for Americans.

    If our Statue of Liberty was brought down, we would rebuild it – no question.

  10. Time for a reverse Jizya. Tax every worthless Musloid a couple thousand dollars a year to pay for reconstruction. If half the Musloids leave, double the tax on Musloids who stay.

  11. “There should be no government money involved in the rebuilding.”

    Shouldn’t that be up to the people of France to decide?

    It is a mistake to view this tragedy under the prism of Catholicism or religion. Only 1.8% of French folks are Catholic and of those that are only 5% attend mass. By any standards France is very very secular.

    The few times I have visited France I was struck by the average Frenchmen and their understanding or knowledge of their actual history, much more profound and thorough than the average American and what he knows of US history. They embrace the ND Cathedral not because of any religious reference but because of what it represents historically.

    Given our short history I am loath to provide an analogy but it would be on the order of Independence Hall, the Washington Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial all being destroyed at once, then double it.

    I’m also struck by the magnanimity of various French aristocrats, donating 100 to 200 million Euros for the restoration of the Cathedral. I suspect most of the French people will end up gladly donating something to resurrect this integral part of their history.

  12. @Rich Taylor: ““There should be no government money involved in the rebuilding.”
    Shouldn’t that be up to the people of France to decide?”

    I was/am only offering advice. And I suggest that is the route that they would follow. If government is allowed to fund it, they will control it- both the actual act of reconstructing the building, then the building itself. But they are the French, so who knows what they will do.

  13. Re build it for what? So the Pope can get on all fours to kiss muslim feet and ass? phuckoff!
    I can’t take it anymore. The fucking French have let Our Lady down. Fuck the French Government, I just wonder how many French people are crying,like they cried when Hitler came in and took over.
    Just look at the Pope on all fours, kissing the feet of some African dictator, of questionable gender, dressed in garb, colored like a Mandarin Duck
    Sweet Jesus, Please tell your Dad that His Vicar on earth is a fucking asshole.
    God for give me.

  14. Even though I’m a Catholic…I wouldn’t put it past that muzzie lovin’ pope to have started the fire himself. Then it can be rebuilt with “minaretes” instead of belltowers!

  15. Belaboring. . .I know.

    “I mean, I’m not sure TRUTH even knows Notre Dame is in France and therefore NOT able to stick the AMERICAN taxpayer for the restoration.”

    I’m not sure Burr even knows that Pelosi was in Europe when this went down. I sure don’t trust her “Secret Agreements” she traded while there and I sure don’t trust a church that masters in betrayel and sells forgiveness for pieces of silver. Pelosi wears her catholicism on her sleeve and has betrayed America repeatedly. You can forgive her, I don’t.
    And I sure as hell know she is Evil.

  16. Yeah Burr you BASTARD. How can you not know Pelosi and the Church set this fire for pieces of SILVER to further their SECRET agenda of BETRAYAL.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is a TRAITOR to AMERICA and JESUS.

  17. Doggone it, Burr appeared again and I missed him. Did you get a new Twitter handle?

    They won’t get it done because there is too much turmoil in Paris. But I wouldn’t doubt that Macron will use it as an excuse to get more 3rd worlder slaves to TRY to rebuild.


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