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  1. Well put Irony. That’s it. If you see something….sa….oops, better be careful what the f**k you say or do.

    The family of this little phony prick wont allow the school to release information on what really went down that day. I feel that the Area DA should demand full disclosure. Who,What,When,Where, How, and Why need to be answered fully. His engineering teacher, his English teacher, the Principal, and all contact students should be questioned.

    Yes it is THAT A BIG DEAL to me. We are being pissed on by this little prick and the bollox in the White H.

  2. Geez. TSA cannot get around to putting this unpopped zit and his dad on some kind of warning list because they are too busy investigating 87 year old ladies with CCPs, returning Vets, retired Policemen, property owners who have never in their lives committed one single crime, terrified women, true patriots, conservatives, those who pay attention to current events, crime victims, Christians, and those who’ve fled communist countries.

  3. That fact that Clockmed went out of his way to get a picture with a notorious international war criminal, Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan, last week shows that they were all punking President Shit-for-Brains hard this week. Christ, Obama is a fucking moron.

  4. Something about this bugs me.
    The whole thing with Barry’s response, its off somehow.
    Just a feeling
    Then the little bastard goes of to Qatar
    I think he performed his function. He tested school reaction to this kind of security breach.
    I fear the worst
    On the bright side,
    I wonder if he knows what they do to boys over there.

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