Patriots go shopping without masks… Liberate Silicon Valley Whole Foods


17 Comments on Patriots go shopping without masks… Liberate Silicon Valley Whole Foods

  1. I’m staying right here in fortress Florida where the governor hasn’t been gelded yet.
    He stated at a meeting in Texas the other day that his top priority is to push back on the tech giants.

  2. Well that was refreshing. Had to go to my local mall yesterday and I was the ONLY one not wearing a mask, as far as I could see. I was shocked. Nobody confronted me and I made it a point to keep my distance from people as best I could while walking through mall. Didn’t want to make anyone feel any more threatened than they already felt by seeing this un-masked, non-conforming anti-sheeperson.

  3. “anybody know where to get the covid shirt?”

    That the one with the masked attached? Like a front hoodie? Probably Banana Republic.

  4. Up is down. Black is white. Right is wrong.

    Who woulda thunk the masked zombies would gawk in shock at normal Homo sapiens as if they had dropped in from another galaxy far far away.

    Sweet lord of Murgatroyd, a flaming meteor is needed for such a time as this….accurately directed of course.

  5. What is crazy is how absolutely fearful and confused some of the other patrons and store employees look along with a new look – resentment.

  6. I agree that it’s only a small group but considering their location and the area’s general attitude I give these people my respect for the act of defiance! It took guts.
    Sometimes what are first viewed as small insignificant actions can grow into large movements!

  7. Where I live at least, I’ve noticed that black folks are the most compliant about wearing masks. You never see one without a mask. I don’t know if it’s the herd mentality they’ve been conditioned to since LBJ or they just don’t want to bite the hand of the one who doles out the “free stuff”. It’s just an observation.

  8. You nailed it, hambone…I was at Indiana Beach amusement park last year…NO ONE WAS WEARING A MASK. Except employees and, yes…Black folks from Chicago.

  9. “anybody know where to get the covid shirt?”

    The ‘COVID-19 SOLE SURVIVOR’ shirt?

    You get that from me.

    Any other “covid shirt” is probably made by, and for, retards.


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