Social justice indoctrination camp.

14 Comments on Paul Joseph Watson: KIDS BRAINWASHED TO HATE WHITE PEOPLE

  1. I think PJW’s presentations are pretty good. It gets the message across which, after all, is the main point. What this video tells me is that effort in our country to fight racism for over half a century, including trillions of dollars, Civil Rights programs, laws and the election of the first Black President, has been so effective there isn’t enough real racism left for the Left to capitalize on, so they have to fabricate phony racism instead! There hasn’t been a day gone by since the election of Donald J. Trump that Americans haven’t been relentlessly hammered by continuous, unwarranted accusations of “racism”! These attempts to turn the clock back to 1955 on the part of these malcontented Communist Hate Merchants are simply part of a larger effort to destroy America and everything it stands for!

  2. This is chilling. This is so evil to have that wretched woman poisoning minds especially at that young age.
    Honestly I thought this was a parody, this is beyond sinister.
    If this sort of thing is acceptable in schools than I’ve lost any hope.

  3. Just like telling little children about gender “choices” is child abuse, brainwashing any little kid to use them to further a political agenda absolutely IS child abuse as well!

  4. Who said minorities are collectively dumb? Soon they will be the majority and minority rights won’t matter anymore!

  5. At the very least he could adjust his map so it shows North America and Europe instead of South America and Southern Africa. Oh well, opinions are like…..

  6. You children do realize that East Asian women have an extremely high propensity for sociopathy, dont you? It’s a proven fact!! Why do you think they call them Tiger Moms?

  7. Even tho it’s quite painful to watch, we all should study this video in detail and note EXACTLY every little thing she’s doing; how she gets them actively involved in their own mis-education.

    This is how it’s done; this is what makes then resistant to logical argument. This is what we’ll have to do to pull them back from the brink


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