New York Post Cover for Friday, May 26, 2017.

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14 Comments on ‘PAY UP!’

  1. The elitist assholes thought his speech was a joke. The new Ruler of France snickered while DJT gave that speech. All those European Beta males have some shit to learn. Mean while Poland gets it. No more Polish jokes.

  2. He’s calling the freeloaders out, but at the same time per MJA’s earlier post is increasing funding to protect the Eastern bloc from Russia. That’s strength, he’s showing his willingness to pay while calling on the rest to man up.

  3. President Trump is leader of the Free World.
    The Boss, here to inspect The Operation.

    These other heads look like minor plant managers, eager to look good and anxious about their performance reviews.

  4. Our President needs to tell Russia and China, next dumb ass that buzzes one of our ships or aircraft dies. Fucking try it again.

  5. Brad, I say give every man on deck a wrist rocket and a pocket full of nuts, bolts and ball bearings, and a promise of two month’s liberty if they bring it down.

  6. The US should disinter every last airman, sailor, soldier and Marine buried in EU countries and bring them home.

  7. The guy snickering behind his fingers is the PM of Luxembourg. Let’s take a moment to recall the history of all the brave and heroic acts of Luxembourg in advancing and preserving individual freedom.

  8. My problem with the speech was he didn’t laud the ones who are paying their share.
    Greece, Poland, UK, Estonia.
    Lux. at .5%, quit twittering you fag, you’re the joke.

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