Pelosi admits she’s a clueless bint

Patriot Retort: Whelp.  We heard it from the botoxed horse’s mouth.  Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know what in the hell she’s talking about and she is, in fact, a clueless bint.

After weeks of banging on about bribery, when Nancy was asked this morning why bribery was not one of the articles of impeachment, she admitted she’s a clueless bint who, despite banging on about bribery for weeks, doesn’t have the first idea what was going on.

“I myself am not a lawyer.”

She might as well have said, “Why are you asking me?! I don’t know what the hell is going on! more

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  1. Maybe she’s trying to be like AOC, the other clueless bint.

    AOC could push Pelosi’s wheelchair around soon, as someone does for Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg these days.

  2. I want to know if Pelosi is again allowed to reserve first class accommodations on US Air Force jets again for her flights home during recesses, like she did during her first reign of terror.
    – Few things the Democrat Media Mafia does pisses me off more than their cover-up and support of the Democrats’ abuse of power.

  3. is 2 pair of eyebrows the new look?

    it is unbelievable that people actually get out of their beds, take off work early, stand in line, to actually vote for people that are absolutely this stupid, incoherent & ignorant to govern over them …. mind boggling

  4. Nancy Pelosi has been looting the country with biden, obama, Clinton, Kerry and the rest of the filth in their gang. They’ve looted billions.

    Seems like we have been the clues bints.

  5. The stress of continually being flummoxed by Trump no matter what they try is taking a heavy toll on her both physically and psychologically. She’s nervous and completely addled at this point and close to a complete psychotic break. It doesn’t help that she’s surrounded by other bumbling fools that are every bit as scatterbrained.
    I’m enjoying watching the old bat fall apart.

  6. Her hypocrisy if off the charts!!
    When she says that the people should be determining who the President is, not some foreign power…
    This is nothing but cheap third-world Gaslighting!
    It’s not some foreign power that is trying to determine who the President is…
    I truly hope the American people are paying close attention to what is going on because this is a bloodless civil war happening before our eyes and there should be no tolerance for this kind of stuff!
    They postponed the vote unill 10A this morning. I have to believe it is because they don’t yet have the votes.
    I’m sure there is some nasty arm-twisting going on right now, but the longer it goes on the better as people call their democRAT Congresscritters and give them hell over this!

  7. Poor old thing
    Propped up by Adderall and anti dementia drugs, she can barely string words into sentences.
    Soros made the call: Get him out of office or the globalization plan will be delayed by twenty years
    So what’s left?
    Assassination, terrorism, willful destruction of the economy, and a probable global pandemic designed to reduce the world population to ‘sustainable’ levels.

  8. I honestly think these democRATs must think they are accomplished Hollywood actors who relish staying on script, regurgitating the talking points and preening for their TV production!
    It’s no flippin wonder Hollywood actors think they can be politicians!!

  9. Implausible deniability.

    She’s a master Machiavellian manipulator, corrupt-o-crat, and thief.
    Somebody wrote that she’s amassed (and distributed) some $700 Million since taking over the Speaker-ship again. THIS is why her caucus falls all over themselves to get in line. THIS is why they’ll abase themselves in both public and private – beaucoups of bucks. THIS is why they’ll clown, dance, and spout imbecilities under her direction. Remember the NoKos grotesquely exaggerated demonstrations of grief at the death of Kim Jong-Il? Well, that’s the Demonrat Party a few years from now – beclowning themselves to the utmost.

    Clueless, my ass.

    izlamo delenda est …


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