‘Pelosi Republican’ Adam Kinzinger Blocks Wheelchair Ramp With His Car

DIRTY RINO Adam Kinzinger Parks His Car Blocking Wheelchair Ramp for Madison Cawthorn who Endorsed His Opponent.

H/t Brad.

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  1. He’s an opportunistic weasel a rat. Nothing new – just dump the rat, and any Mconnell types that support him.

  2. Time to stop calling him (Kinzinger) a republican, and call him a democrat, who just happens to be sitting on the wrong side of the aisle.

  3. @Taylor – “…To all superspreaders, get vaxed…”

    Ummm, you do know that you fully “vaxed” useful idiots are the super spreaders. The experimental gene therapy does not prevent contracting the virus, it just minimizes the symptoms. So in essence, you go about your life not knowing you have it and thus are a more dangerous spreader than someone who experiences more severe symptoms. Moron!

  4. I have just re-read my previous comment and realize that it was not entirely appropriate. There are plenty of people who should take the shot for many reasons. I apologize to those who have carefully weighed the risk and reward factors and decided that the jab was for them.

    My comment was directed at those who complied blindly, without full or even any consideration. Taylor’s comment seemed to fit that bill. To the rest of you, please accept my apology.

  5. Well like Oh My God Becky, here’s the truth, Kuntzinger (wtf does that have to do with race you whack job)is a freaking coward who intentionally blocks wheel chair access to cripples. The man has zero spine.

  6. Liberal has always been a “Bush Reapublican”. That is just what the Bush Clan (all 15 of ’em, then, some dead now) tried to do in ‘`15 and ’16!
    GWB has no morals his folk also have none!
    Adam’s other hero is Benedict! And n a few more years this leftist will be Gen! He has always been WOKE. Fits right in the Flag Officer profile!

  7. Illinois is losing a district and he is trying to be enough of a democrat to be the guy still standing after the redistricting.

    Not likely to happen.

  8. @Becky–

    You (or is it Emily?) aren’t really making any sense. Leftist Central will love you.

    And, “Ann Nonymommy”? Thanks, will save that one for when I need to change my screen name again. That was the only clever–or understandable–thing you said.

  9. As I was saying on another thread, until we get to talk on their media without being banned, deleted, chased out, then they’re going to have to suffer the same.

    Oh, but he/she/it will be back under another name and fake email and IP, and will be deleted again. It really bothers he/she/it. Sometimes I read the comment and it’s like an angry 3 year old with sugar overload wrote it. So pitiful yet entertaining. lol. I hate to laugh at someone who clearly is on some kind of medication, but hey…
    It’s funny. And I got aaallll day.

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