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Pence Slams Clinton, Kaine Over Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

WFB:  Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence called out his Democratic counterpart, Tim Kaine, for flip-flopping on taxpayer funding of abortion.

Pence highlighted his efforts to make Indiana the “most pro-adoption” state in the country, while pointing out that Kaine’s personal opposition to abortion does not change the fact that his running mate, Hillary Clinton, would use taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions.

I appreciate the fact that you’ve supported the Hyde Amendment, which bans the use of taxpayer funding for abortion in the past, but that’s not Hillary Clinton’s view,” Pence told Kaine.

The vice presidential candidates had been asked to talk about a conflict they had struggled with between their faith and politics.

Kaine recalled how Virginia executed several inmates during his tenure as governor despite his personal opposition to capital punishment—a belief rooted in his Catholic faith. He neglected to mention abortion until Pence challenged him on the conflict between the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party. Kaine omitted any mention of the Hyde Amendment in his response.

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10 Comments on Pence Slams Clinton, Kaine Over Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

  1. “on fundamental issues of morality we should let women make their own decisions”

    there is no “decision” about morality, it is either right or wrong, binary, boolean, true or false, black or white

  2. Liberals/Democrats are too stupid to realize that two generations of legalized abortions have decimated their voter base.

    I for one applaud the demise of these political idiots.

  3. KOS today posted an article claiming Kaine won the debate when he said women have the right to make reproductive choices.

    Don’t cha just love the way infanticide is obfuscated as “reproductive choices”? 60 million murdered human babies since R v W is a sin that will destroy this country just like it did the Roman Empire as at the end, their women became so self possessed, they turned to abortion also.

  4. @flip:”Liberals/Democrats are too stupid to realize that two generations of legalized abortions have decimated their voter base.”

    Yes, and they failed to consider the runaway slaves that have escaped the plantation.

  5. This is why I abhor politicians calling each other “the honorable so-n-so”.

    How honorable is Kaine for hiding behind his claim to ‘religiousness’ as he pursues a vile political agenda?
    Do no pass Government Pension, Timmy, go straight to Hell.

  6. Democrats have already overturned Roe vs Wade.
    RvW did not establish a womans right to kill her child, it reaffirmed a persons right to privacy.
    The Affordable Care Act makes doctors nothing more than paid agents of the state and all medical records will be electronically available via a nationwide database.
    Now no person has any reasonable expectation of medical privacy since the IRS (& any government bureaucrat) has direct access to the medical records.

  7. Disadvantage for Tim Kaine…
    there is a rumor that his hemorrhoids were bothering him before the debate,
    they were sure bothering me during the debate,
    it appears the left scraped their candidates off the bottom of the barrel.

  8. WTF do the Republicans never demand that there be at least ONE DEBATE where the moderators aren’t fucking rabid liberal assweasels ? Did anyone really thing some fucking Hispanic shewitch would moderate? IT WAS UP TO HER to keep Kaine in check and she did not, I don’t see anyone calling her ass out today.

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