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Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Josh Shapiro’s Sex Scandal

Delaware Valley Journal – Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro piously talked his way across New Hampshire on Saturday, safely out of range of reporters who know what’s really going on back in his home state.

It’s not pretty.

Shapiro pushed his way into the limelight several years ago with a made-for-the-media grand jury report rehashing decades of sexual abuse allegations against Catholic clergymen. Shapiro’s report retold incidents that had already been rightly and aggressively prosecuted but topped off the tank with unproven complaints impossible to verify because many of the named priests were dead.

Shapiro’s indignation knew no bounds. The cameras loved him.

Flash forward to last week. One of Shapiro’s closest aides, an old ally from his days in the Pennsylvania Legislature and, later, the Attorney General’s office, resigned in disgrace. The short version is that Mike Vereb, Shapiro’s secretary for legislative affairs – a cabinet-level post – abruptly resigned without explanation.

As it turns out, Shapiro’s good buddy – one he protected for six months after accusations first surfaced – is possibly a predator. more

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