Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Pittsburgh Gun-Control Measures

Rules new ordinances violate state preemption law.


A Pennsylvania judge ruled on Tuesday that Pittsburgh’s recently passed gun-control measures violate state law.

In his ruling, Allegheny County judge Joseph M. James said the city’s ordinances were in plain opposition to a state preemption law which prohibits localities from passing their own gun laws.

“The Uniform Firearms Act is a comprehensive statute that evidences an intent by the Legislature to preempt the entire field of firearms and ammunition across the state of Pennsylvania,” Judge James wrote. read more

6 Comments on Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Pittsburgh Gun-Control Measures

  1. The Left isn’t going to like this and will go to work to find a way around it.

    They will continue to blame the guns for the problem of Berserkers killing people in mass to avoid the question of why we are producing so many more people who want to kill with wanton abandon than we did in the past.

  2. Americans scream that the elites won’t send the 99% to the concentration camps because everyone has a mobile phone, but what if the Gestapo shuts down the Internet?

    What if the globalists say everyone must go to the concentration camps because of Ebola or the Russians are coming?

  3. Political news forum
    Do you ever wonder why no one wants to be around you. Holy cow listen to yourself. Stop it.

  4. Sad trombones all around, for Mayor Three Dollar Bill, his trusty sidekick – Corky O’ Connor – and all the other city council dumbasses, whose “FEELS” got trumped by the RULE OF LAW… AGAIN! 😆 😆 😆

  5. This isn’t exactly a “judge rules” situation, it’s more like the law clearly says it in so many words. It’s nice that at least some judges still respect that, though.


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