PETA’s Anti-Hunter Drones Grounded

Patriot Update

Since when do liberals obey the law?
Check it out:

Illinois passed a new state law that set back the efforts of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), making the use of drones to interfere with hunters and fishermen prohibited.

The law was created in response to PETA’s plan to employ drones called “air angels” to monitor outdoors enthusiasts engaged in hunting and fishing nationwide. Of course, the motivation for many outdoorsman is to get away from technology and be in harmony with nature.

But PETA has another plan for lovers of the wilderness. They want to spy on hunters as self appointed green police trying to trap them in violations. Surprisingly, these “hobbyists” are able to take home their personal drone for only $324.99.



17 Comments on PETA’s Anti-Hunter Drones Grounded

  1. How long before one of thes idiots crashes their drone and starts a raging 10,000 acre forest fire? Or better yet, has their drone taken down by an eagle?

  2. I’d say my Remington 870 Super Mag filled with 3-1/2″ BB shot could take those down pretty easy. If it’ll down a huge sandhill crane in one shot, it’ll handle that stupid drone just fine.

  3. Just imagine those drones in Wisconsin, during the first week of hunting season for the legally blind – and try not to laugh.

  4. Drone PETA.


    I men, you could even just use unarmed, toy-store versions painted black and fly them behind some PETA folks to unnerve them.

    Fun for HOURS!

  5. Unlike PETA, the sportsman PAID for the privilege of hunting or fishing.
    I’d say they also paid for the right to not be interfered with.

  6. FAA rules

    No aircraft may be closer the 500 ft to any man made structure or person.

    At 17yds I recommend 30″ 12ga barrel full choke.

    But I reloaded some 400gr 20ga self stabilizing slugs using 21 gr of 800X with about 14fps muzzle velocity that should work.

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