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Pfizer’s Vaccine, BioNTech and China

Dr. Naomi Wolf appears on Bannon’s War Room for updates on the COVID products and their link to China.

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  1. Dr. Naomi Wolf is not a medical doctor. However, she can look at statistics and charts like nobody’s business. If you want to know what is actually in the vaccines, I suggest Dr. Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, or Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  2. @ Cheryl, we here are all very familiar with Doctors Malone, McCullough and Tenoenny. What we also know, is that Naomi Wolf, PhD, has established a large team of scientists, researchers and lawyers to comb through the court ordered release of the FDA/Pfizer documents, to: A-Inform the public; B-Prepare for a massive lawsuit. She has an integral role to play in this battle of goid versus evil.


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