Philippines’ President: Feed United Nations experts to crocodiles


MANILA, Philippines — After being told by a United Nations official that he needs to have his head examined, President Duterte said the UN human rights team should be fed to crocodiles as he justified his order for the police to ignore the rapporteurs when they come to investigate his war on drugs.

“If these fools come here, are there crocodiles here? The ones that eat people? Throw those sons of b****** to them,” he said in Filipino during a meeting with soldiers in Zamboanga City last Saturday.

Duterte justified his order for the police to ignore the human rights investigators, saying he was protecting law enforcers from incriminating themselves.

The President, whose war on drugs has drawn flak here and abroad for allegedly encouraging summary executions, said the best way to answer the questions of investigators is to remain silent.  more

18 Comments on Philippines’ President: Feed United Nations experts to crocodiles

  1. Feeding any UN delegation to crocodiles is inhumane treatment of crocodiles.
    The quasi one world government (UN) is corrupt, wasteful and useless.

  2. President Trump is hinting the death penalty for drug sellers. The left is already up in arms. He also joked about being President for life. That scared the shite of the talking heads.

  3. The difference between Trump and Duterte is that if Trump said such a thing,
    he would be kidding.


  4. Empirical evidence of the corrupt UN’s past suggests this, a well thought out, reasonable idea.
    Will they be questioning young girls again?

  5. Duterte, your gonna need more crocs. You have the whole damn UN membership to feed to em, except Ms. Nikki.

  6. I think he’s on to something.

    That’s how far the UN has sunk. Wonder if he’ll consider any of the benighted lackwits of the EU commisars as well.


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