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Thousands Show Up in Ohio to See the President

Another HUGE crowd showed up for President Trump in Ohio today.  The President isn’t even running for office and yet thousands turn up to see him in the middle of Ohio. 

FULL VIDEO: President Trump speaks at Save America rally in Delaware, Ohio 4/23/22

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  1. I’ll tell my grandchildren about Wildwood, NJ. Huuge crowd, and all the patriots from NJ, NY, CT, PA, DE. Pinch me, I must be in Texas!

  2. Trump won the vote while biden won the office.

    Guess that’s what happens when the fake votes outnumber the legitimate votes.

  3. Ain’t that a hoot? The MSM tells us Slow Joe got a shit loada votes. However, he can’t attract more than a few mentally deranged MSM suckups, a hand fulla effed up teachers, a bus loada commies, a Volvo fulla degenerates, a Subaru fulla gummit employees, and a car fulla druggie free-shitters. By gawd Joe, you know how to pick em.

  4. Yup, either declare you are in, or bow out! This is bullshit! This is not some fucking made for tv show. This is reality, either jump in with both feet or quit the charade. Declare or go home!

  5. Maybe he hasn’t made up his mind yet. He should only run again if he wants to be tortured for four years.

  6. Dude, your insecurities run deep. You need some couch time. If that’s you posting under my name thats beyond chicken shit.

  7. Dude you must be one miserable son of a bitch. Type what you want. Try and man up and don’t use my God Damn name pussy. That’s been a rule here from day one, and for good reason.

  8. I think Trump is delaying as long as possible to keep the pressure on Biden as close to the Mid Terms as possible for a few reasons.

    1) Once he announces Yes/No, All the media attention switches back to Trump. CNN, MSNBC, MSM all get a financial lifeline and they have Content other than Inflation & Ukraine which Biden is wearing like a Hat on his soft fucking head.

    2) Delay gives Democrats less time for counter strategy. (Lipstick on Mooch ?) And every month is another 2 Cases of Vodka for Killary’s guts

    3) At a Ben Shapiro speech, listeners were much more excited about DeSantis of Florida. They could be actually considering which candidate would be more likely to secure a victory & accomplish objectives rather than Trigger ANOTHER COUP.

    4) Trump seems effective as a power broker behind the scenes & then publicly Shitting on RINO’s.

    Personally, I would like to see him Restored to Power if for no other reason than to watch the blood bath in Washington, & the return of some world stability. (less war etc.)

    just some thoughts

  9. He can’t declare yet because of campaign and finance laws.
    Even though much of what he says is the same it’s still encouraging and better than any of the marble mouthed puppets running things now.

  10. Kcir and Beachmom: Thank you for your level-headedness. I do wonder if DeSantis’ name is widely enough known to attract the vote it would take to womp the Coup with enough votes to make it plain in the next GE. POTUS Trump’s travails against the cabal are. Those who left the D’s to vote for him have friends who didn’t the last time. With LGB’s disastrous regime, I’m certain that trend will continue.

  11. You guys are missing the point. I understand the process and the time frame. BUT a couple rallies ago he declared he was running. So shut up with “I might just have to run again”. And believe me, I’m one of those that think he’s our only hope.


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