Pink and Blue Wave?



Liberty Nation: Despite absolutely no evidence that women throughout America vote in a singular bloc inspired by liberal feminist beliefs, the mainstream media and desperate Democrats are touting a female rising against President Trump.

In so doing, Democrats display once again that they have no substantial ideas that they can offer to engage the working class voters who turned to Trump over Hillary Clinton in overwhelming numbers in 2016, sealing the would-be first woman president’s defeat.

From The Washington Post:

“This year, Democrats in Michigan have done something unprecedented. They have selected women to be their standard-bearers for every statewide office on the November ballot: governor, U.S. senator, attorney general and secretary of state.”

From CNN:

“In Georgia, [Stacey] Abrams is vying with Stacey Evans to win the Democratic [gubernatorial] primary on Tuesday to be the (female) candidate who hopes to turn Georgia blue in November.

“The all-female primary has attracted national attention — for the women running, the fact that they share a first name, and the energy among Democrats who believe, again, this might be the year to seize one of the state’s centers of power.”

Painting an entire gender blue

To quote the deepest hopes of The Washington Post, “there is no denying that something is going on out there.”

Pray tell, liberal media, do let us what that something is?  MORE

13 Comments on Pink and Blue Wave?

  1. Blue wave, red wave, pink and purple wave. Gah! Is anyone else getting seasick?

    Marxist identity politics are going to swamp the D’s boat. Identity politics: the reason it’s not working is because it just doesn’t work.

  2. The left tells us it is wrong to assign children a gender, yet they assign a gender, also racial groups, a political party.

  3. Despite absolutely no evidence that women throughout America vote in a singular bloc inspired by liberal feminist beliefs

    “Despite absolutely no evidence of a smidgen of corruption”

    “Despite absolutely no evidence of Rosie O’Donnell’s mental disease or defect”

    “Despite absolutely no evidence the Earth is not flat”

    Pray tell, conservative media, do let us what “evidence” is?

  4. Hey Dems! If that doesn’t work why don’t you just go straight to Illegal Imigrant Muslim Transgender. Sooner or later something’s bound to stick.

  5. …it would be so nice if the media would STOP speaking on the behalf of entire genders or races. Honesty.

    There is no pink Democrat wave, and what about woman who dislike the color pink? Doesn’t seem all that inclusive to me.


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