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Poilievre, The PM Who Will Bring The Canada We Once Knew Back Home

CFP: Pierre, late father of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is no longer the most famous Pierre—‘Trudeaumania’ not withstanding—thanks to a world trending viral video, Pierre Poilievre is.

There’s a lesson for all of us in a Poilievre happily munching his way through a juicy-looking apple as he was confronted by a leftwing ‘reporter’, who counted heavily on taking him off guard, even though all Justin Trudeau MPs have never been able to do so during Parliament.

The lesson is that reporters, neither right nor left-leaning, own no LEGAL right to waylay or demand attention by confrontation of any citizen, elected or otherwise.

No one needs ever to respond to ill-intentioned reporters. They are NOT the law.

Rooted in reality and loaded with common sense as he is, Conservative Leader Poilievre showed a leftwing chump up for what HE really is, a ‘reporter’ intending to throw unprovable accusations at someone he aimed to ridicule with fake news.

Don Urquhart, the editor of Castanet’s Times Chronicle, a local paper in Oliver and Osoyoos, B.C., aimed to reimagine Poilievre as the populist Donald Trump of Canada. more

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  1. I hope he wins. He’s much tougher than he looks.

    The last 2 Conservative Leaders were GARBAGE.

    O-toole was a complete Tool. When he got COOF he went into hiding just like everyone else & emerged from his Egg like a Young Chick. He was the exact opposite of TRUMP who kept His Public Informed and let people kjnow every day what it was like.

    The other ASSHOLE put his kids in a Private Ottawa School & let the Party PAY for it. Fucking WEENNIE PUSSY

  2. This tactic is actually just challenging the premise. “Reporters” like to throw out a premise without knowing what that premise means, or what acts of the interviewee fall within that premise. “Are you a populist” may be a legitimate premise if the interviewer defines what a populist is. “You are a populist” is just a premise that most interviewees should challenge – for example by asking “what is a populist?”

    A standard instruction in legal depositions is “if you don’t understand the question, ask me to restate it.” What the interviewee needs to do is make sure he or she understands the premise being stated, and pin down the interviewer as to what is meant.

    Not that most “reporters” are real journalists anyway.

  3. And, if iOTW’s are interested in what else Poilievre has in his arsenal, check out MP Melissa Lantsman. He appointed her as his deputy leader. She is a firebrand. A great orator. She is also Jewis and Gay. And smart, very smart.


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