Ports of LA, Long Beach Free Of Cargo Backup First Time Since October 2020 – IOTW Report

Ports of LA, Long Beach Free Of Cargo Backup First Time Since October 2020

CA Globe:
The Marine Exchange of Southern California announced that the backup of container ships that began in October of 2020 had officially ended, with the number of waiting cargo ships at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach reaching zero.

A sudden increase of shipping trade in the second half of 2020 following a large lull caused by COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions, caused the initial logjam to begin in October 2020. However,  year later, this catchup on cargo was suddenly compounded by many dockworkers leaving during the Great Resignation, a lack of equipment, poor trucking regulations, outdated port rules and regulations, other supply chain problems and lingering after effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Between October 2021 and January 2022, over 100 ships were in the Pacific Ocean waiting to get into one of those ports.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed an Executive Order, followed by state and local actions passed and signed into law in late 2021 that helped create more cargo space, create better flow and ease of movement for all steps of the unloading and trucking processes, and identify the best routes for trucks to take helped alleviate the number of waiting cargo ships, with a new hiring spree reducing the number of waiting ships even further. Cargo companies began feeling the financial pinch as well with such actions such as charging the companies for cargo containers left uncollected for too long and diverting the cargo to other ports.

The number of waiting ships gradually fell throughout the year, with many being greeted by the new improvements to the ports designed to unload and turnaround ships very quickly. With the number finally hitting zero again this week, port officials were relieved at the end of one of the largest cargo backups in history. more

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  1. Well yes & no. He did shove’em not out to sea butt kinda… They were shoved sooooo far up Tony R’s ass the goods will never see the light of day ever again.

  2. That whole story is fake news and a whole lot of bullshit.
    Lets make Gavin look good he cleared the ports. Yea right, there is no cargo coming in that is what is really going on.


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