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POTUS signing a memorandum cracking down on Visa overstays in the US

DC: President Donald Trump will be signing a memorandum recommending severe sanctions on countries with high rates of visa overstays in the United States.

The memorandum recommends, among other measures, placing travel restrictions on citizens of the 20 countries who have higher than 10% visa overstay rates, including Chad, Yemen, Syria, Angola and others. Over 415,000 individuals were suspected of overstaying their short-term visitor visas in FY 2018, according to Department of Homeland Security data as of March 2019.

“What we’re doing here is shutting a backdoor for illegal immigration,” a senior administration official told The Daily Caller. “This is part of the Trump Administration’s comprehensive approach to combating illegal immigration.”

Visa overstays account for nearly half of all immigrants present in the U.S. illegally. The administration has taken several measures in the past aimed at reducing overstays, including using biometric systems at ports of entries to identify travelers and notifying visa holders that their admissions period is set to expire.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that the administration was considering restrictions on the visa program last week.

“This issue is not only an issue of national security and public safety, but also one of economic security, as this form of illegal immigration imposes dramatic costs on American society because you have people promising to stay on a very short-term basis, but then never leaving and becoming dependent on our public welfare system paid for by U.S. taxpayers,” the administration official told the Caller.

The crackdown on visa overstays is just the latest in a line of administrative actions getting tough on illegal immigration.  more

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  1. Why not stop the insane practice of giving public welfare to people who are here illegally? Immediately stop all foreign aid to those countries. A strongly worded letter isn’t going to be enough this time.

  2. Why should the President have to sign anything to motivate people to do the jobs they’re paid to do?
    Doesn’t it seem passing strange? We know the date these people entered, we know the expiration of their Visas, and we SHOULD know where they are!
    Do we just let em in and say: “See Ya! Make sure you honor all our laws, and shit! Go home when ya sposed to.”


    izlamo delenda est …

  3. The overstay “A” list is compiled of shithole countries. Not only our southern border but countries across the globe are using our weak laws to offload their undesirables. Like Trump said we are not getting the best and brightest.
    The world is shaking off their fleas and they’re landing here among us.
    A big thanks to the scum on the left!

  4. “Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches”

    Why? It’s pointless. The days of local (thus answerable) government are long, long past. Like I often ask the keyboard revolutionaries here, “Who you gonna shoot?” I’ve yet to get an answer.

    Best shot at change we could hope for is complete and utter collapse, an unthinkably horrible prospect for everyone. But history is full of them, and people survived.

  5. “Hate has no home here”
    “People aren’t illegal”
    “No border, no wall, no USA at all”
    etc. etc. etc.

    UNTIL said person(s) votes republican in an AMERICAN election, then that person is:


    Trump should declare that all Visa overstays and illegals will have to, by law, default their vote to REPUBLICAN, then we can watch the left retract their rhetoric about all the LOVING people who come here with no regard to assimilation or laws.

    I mean, why not give illegals a real taste of the left as if they were actual citizens. The same as how the left turns conservatives into criminals overnight with “their guns and nationalist speech.”

  6. Make them pay a bond before a visitor visa is granted. If they overstay their visa, send a bounty hunter after them. The visa overstaying illegal alien is apprehended, a bounty hunter makes a nice profit and ICE can concentrate on rounding up the border hopping illegal aliens.


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