Predictable: Joe Biden Appoints Angry Muslim Father Khizr Khan to Religious Freedom Post – IOTW Report

Predictable: Joe Biden Appoints Angry Muslim Father Khizr Khan to Religious Freedom Post

Khan, a devout Muslim who says Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

14 Comments on Predictable: Joe Biden Appoints Angry Muslim Father Khizr Khan to Religious Freedom Post

  1. I think Joe Biden needs to travel to Afghanistan without secret service protection so that he can fully appreciate the love that muzzies have for westerners.

    I’ll pay the airfare. And take kamala and Jill too.

  2. Correction: Beijing Beideng did not appoint the angry moslem, Chairman Xi did.

    Beijing Beideng has no earthly clue what he is doing. Only his handlers know for sure.

  3. I was just about convinced a few nominees back that 46* was not picking these people himself. This pretty much seals it for me.

  4. Is that the father of the Moslem kid who turned a Radio Shack clock into a lookalike suitcase bomb for Show ‘n Tell and scared the sh!t out of the entire school?

  5. “…..Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.”

    And, breathing has nothing to do with life.

    I despise liberals, I despise their attempt to sway thoughts, I despise liars, I despise anyone and everyone that tries to hide, alter or otherwise obscure the truth.

  6. And Antifa has nothing to do with insurrection.

  7. AnonTrooper
    “And Antifa has nothing to do with insurrection.”
    Why isn’t BLM activist John Sulivan aka Jayden X in jail?
    Because he was a plant.

  8. I would like to launch on muzzies right here.
    I will say that it would have been smart to outlaw that “religion” on 9/12/2001 in America. Go muzz somewhere else.

    Am I allowed to say that I hate you people?

  9. Angry Muslim Khizr Khan appointed to Religious Freedom Post.
    Yeah, you are free to convert to islam or to a beheading, your choice, but don’t blame islam.

    Biden is controlled by everyone around him, with the exception of intelligence, integrity and decency which are absent.

  10. Dear muzslime,
    Here’s a little breakup note.
    It’s over between us.
    Please leave my country. This is no place for you. We don’t act as subservient subjects to dictators. It’s not our thing. We don’t prostate ourselves to anyone. So kindly
    make a quiet exit from our country.

  11. More concerning to me is the fact that the federal government is creating a religious oversight body. It sounds benign, but no telling what it may morph into.

    Very CCP-ish.

  12. Well that’s funny since Biden is slyly best buds with Communist China who have enslaved the Uyghurs people, largely muslims, to be beaten, savaged, and sterilized to work in ChiCom slave labor camps. Muslims all over the world should rise up against Pedophile Biden and his Chinese Communist friends.

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