President Trump Awards Highest Military Honor to Iraq War Veteran

Epoch Times:

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump on June 25 awarded the nation’s highest military honor to an Iraq War veteran who took on an insurgent stronghold and allowed members of his platoon to move to safety during heavy fighting in Fallujah.

The president presented the Medal of Honor to former Army Staff Sgt. David G. Bellavia, of New York. He is the first living Iraq War veteran to receive the honor.



6 Comments on President Trump Awards Highest Military Honor to Iraq War Veteran

  1. If you were awarded the Medal of Honor, would you let the likes of obama put it around your neck?

  2. For every Hollywood SCUMBAG who gets the Medal of Freedom, one member of the military should get the Congressional Medal of Honor. No recipients? No Hollywood hand-outs!

  3. This is well deserved and long overdue. This guy was a one man tornado that put the hurt on the enemy and saved many lives.
    I’m glad he had the award presented by President Trump and not during the regime of that traitorous cockroach Obama.

  4. I respect Sgt. Bellavia for his honorable service, and the courage with which he selflessly charged into an active firefight.

    There was a panel discussion prior to the MOA ceremony, where Bellavia stated “I don’t care about your race, religion, sex or “who you love”, I would proudly serve along side anyone willing to join.”

    Huh? where did that come from, and was that a dig at P/T? What an odd thing to say. I thought the military was supposed to be apolitical.

  5. I worked on Ft Lewis for eight years, the first few pumping gas and met quite a few Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. They absolutely drip with class. There is an aura around them. Hard to put into words, but I mentioned it a few times and others have said they felt the same thing. It is there even if you are not aware that they are Medal of Honor recipients.

  6. Engelburka Engelburka

    He must have read Gen Goldwater 60 years ago. when Time asked him if queers (terms were diff 60 years ago) and girls should be in the fighting services. Barry said, “there are only 2 things that are necessary to be an American Warrior:
    1. Do you love America?
    2. Can you shoot straight?

    I agree.

    Note – After watching “The Speech” 10/64 this Dem voted for Barry. I have a clear bias!


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