President Trump overhauls endangered species protections

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Monday rolled out some of the broadest changes in decades to enforcement of the landmark Endangered Species Act, allowing the government to put an economic cost on saving a species and other changes critics contend could speed extinction for some struggling plants and animals.

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and other administration officials contend the changes improve efficiency of oversight , while protecting rare species.

“The best way to uphold the Endangered Species Act is to do everything we can to ensure it remains effective in achieving its ultimate goal — recovery of our rarest species,” he said in a statement. “An effectively administered Act ensures more resources can go where they will do the most good: on-the-ground conservation.”

Democratic lawmakers, several state attorneys generals and conservation groups said the overhaul would hamper protections for endangered and threatened species.

The Endangered Species Act is credited with helping save the bald eagle, California condor and scores of other animals and plants from extinction since President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1973. The Endangered Species Act currently protects more than 1,600 species in the United States and its territories.

The changes included allowing economic cost to taken into account as the federal government weighs protecting a struggling species, although Congress has stipulated that economic costs not be a factor in deciding whether to protect an animal. That prohibition was meant to ensure that the logging industry, for example, would not be able to push to block protections for a forest-dwelling animal on economic grounds.

Gary Frazer, an assistant director at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, told reporters that the government would adhere to that by disclosing the costs to the public, without being a factor for the officials considering the protections. read more

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  1. These changes should be widely broadcast to the public along with detailed explanations otherwise it’s going to cost many votes. The left will have a heyday with this and without a clear understanding by the public it could be disastrous.
    That’s just the way things are these days. The environment is a popular issue across the board.

  2. The snail darter and that stupid California baitfish have cost America hundreds of billions of dollars. IT IS AN ENORMOUS WASTE OF OUR TAX MONEY

    Never forget that Dick Nixon created the EPA by executive order and created the ESA, all to curry favor with the Left. Stupidity! And never forget that before WW2 he and his wife were Washington bureaucrat Socialist New Dealers.

  3. Homeless Americans are an endangered species and are certainly of a higher worth than critters. The Government under Trump is still pouring in welfare dependent immigrants when allegedly there isn’t “enough” help for already American citizens. Drowning the US in non-white imported people is on a fast track agenda. But who is to care when there are profits to be made by the human import agencies? Americans have become refuse, human garbage to the controlling powers that are making the decisions. MAGA-not for parasitic foreigners, not for Americans.

    Maine Homeless Question Why Asylum Seekers Will Get Housing Before They do!
    AUGUST 13, 2019 ~ ANN CORCORAN
    “How do they have a place for them but not for us?”
    (A homeless woman in Maine)
    “150 African asylum seekers have jumped ahead of 18,000 Mainers who have been on a waiting list for years for Section 8 housing!”

    “BTW, yesterday I told you that over 11,000 DR Congolese were legally admitted as refugees to the US in the first ten months of this fiscal year. This bunch in Maine came illegally and are now jumping the line for taxpayer supported housing!”

    167 Jewish Groups Urge President to Admit “at least 95,000 refugees” in FY2020
    AUGUST 13, 2019 ~ ANN CORCORAN
    “JCPA, a network of 125 local Jewish community relations councils and 17 national Jewish agencies, has joined with 166 national, state, and local Jewish organizations and institutions in urging the United States to meet the refugee resettlement admissions goal of 30,000 for fiscal year 2019 and to return to historic norms next year.”

  4. Species go extinct all the time. If you are a Leftist and believe in the fairy tale of evolution, you should plead that it is not necessary for us to expend money on saving those unsuited to survive. Your false god, Darwin, would approve.


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