President Trump’s Evansville Indiana Rally Drew Largest Crowd Ever to Ford Center

The Monster Vote is Very Real..

CTH:There is a very specific reason why U.S. print and broadcast media focused intensely on pushing their anti-Trump funeralpalozza narrative.  As we saw in the 2016 election cycle, the goal of the DC proletariat is to create a false sense of the electoral landscape.

What they don’t want people to see are reports like this. Last Thursday night’s President Trump rally drew the Ford Center’s largest crowd ever, according to manager VenuWorks. The turnout: 11,500 people, with another 2,000 unable to get in. [Courier and Press Link]

Just like there was no precedent for a single primary candidate -amid a group of 17-  to draw 15,000 people to any event in 2015, so too is there no precedent for 13,500 people showing up to a political rally during a non-presidential mid-term election season.  THIS IS THE SILENT MAJORITY the media and professional political class fear.  The MAGA movement is unprecedented in size, enthusiasm, and more importantly, resolve.

We are winning, bigly, and we represent the existential threat to the professional political establishment. The system, which has created an entire business model based on control of U.S. politics, is being summarily deconstructed.  This is the reason why all of those who benefit from decades-long constructs of lobbying, consulting, think-tanks and UniParty party control, hate what President Trump represents.  There are billions of dollars at stake, trillions more downstream, and slowly the MAGA movement is kicking their ass.

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17 Comments on President Trump’s Evansville Indiana Rally Drew Largest Crowd Ever to Ford Center

  1. Yet, the media and Democrat talking heads continue to say how unpopular he is and that there will be a blue wave to elect leftists to block him, raise.taxes, and impeach.

  2. A rally is needed in NW Indiana steel country. Braun needs to whip Donnelly’s butt. Signs for Braun are no where to be seen.

    Wish there were signs going up all over the country that say something like Vote R because the life of the U.S. depends on it. Wish someone could come up with a great slogan.

    Or: Finish draining the swamp, vote R in ‘18.

  3. I beginning to think that whut died last week wuz Big Media Propaganda and the silly fools attending the funeral had no clue of whut’s really happening!

  4. I’m amused by the constant meme reference to “Trump’s base,” as though it were a bunch of weird people with mis-matched socks sitting in one corner of a high school bleacher in nowhere’s-ville. ….Lady in Red

  5. “Signs for Braun are no where to be seen.”

    PJ, yard signs mean absolutely nothing. This is how a silent majority operates in an intense Alinsky environment. We just shut up and vote.

  6. “We know exactly who Donald Trump is, and we also know what he’s not. He is exactly what we need at this moment. He is a necessary glorious bastard.”

  7. Thirdtwin, I hope you’re right. Guess I’m old school.

    I still have my Trump bumpersticker on the back window of my van. DH had to remove his from his SUV about a two months after the election. Someone wrote a nasty on it at Home Depot.

  8. Thirdwin in some districts that might be true,but if you can put them up do it, people will see them and think “oh I need to vote for that guy” it does work, we need to overwhelm them in numbers. The more people see our guys names the better.
    PJ call his office and ask for help and signs,and then find some help in putting them in spots that will be seen. Then find a call center that you can work at one day a week for whoever you like. It is all hands on deck this fall.
    No one can sit on the sidelines this fall,if we do and we lose the house it really is game over.
    It is is not that hard to do and you will meet some nice like minded people.

  9. Geoff, I worked the phone bank for our Governor (and I snuck Trump in my script) in ‘16). Indiana Rs that are in power were not all that enthused for Trump. They really are a bunch of petty RINOs.

    DH and I are going to a tea party meeting this week, I will ask our guy there. If he doesn’t have them, I’m going to phone Braun headquarters. Dang, these RINOs fry me. I’d like to fry them.

    Plus, their phone list sucks big time. About 25% valid numbers.
    TY for the suggestions.

  10. PJ. I know. My comment was a call to arms for all here.
    If we all spent as much time at a campaign office as we do here we would never lose an election.
    Good luck P.Jane. I will have to join the email link with you.

  11. Let’s hope we take back our
    country peacefully.Any whacked out
    gangs of armed men commies/patriots roaming the streets
    and REAL anarchy will grind this country
    and the cell-elect-internet grid to a halt.
    I watch people everywhere I go.Most people I see,
    the young M&F would panic and die in
    3 days if the Kaw-Kaw hit the fan…

  12. Kaw-Kaw??

    saw a survey the other day that said Trumps popularity was dropping. No, this man is more lovable every day. The left and the right are just screeching like fevered hyenas because of what he does and what he is planning and us normals can see it. Now everybody who agrees with anything Trump does is labeled “far-right”. We see through them like crystal clear glass.

  13. There are Braun signs here and there in southeastern Indiana. Not as many as there were Trump signs, but some. Even now, nearly two years after the election, many of the Trump flags and yard signs are still out.

    We’re here and we’ll be out in force in November.


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