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Prince Harry’s Woke Memoir Accidentally Infuriates Muslims

FPM: You just can’t win by pandering to wokes. Whatever issues the royals may have, its black sheep has hitched his wagon to a demographic that makes even the maddest kings and emperors seem reasonable.)

But as a maligned and misunderstood member of the British Royal Family who only occasionally dons swastikas and pursues privacy through assorted media marketing deals and multi-episode documentaries (The Search for Privacy S3E8 – Please Pay More Attention To Us You Selfish Beasts is my favorite), it’s understandable that Princess Harry expected his memoir, “Spare”, to be lavished with praise for offering proof once and for all that the royals are racists because they rejected his part-black wife over her psychotic behavior. Sadly, in an effort to butch up, he instead alienated the second most crucial victim group.

Senior members of the Taliban responded angrily Friday to claims by Prince Harry in his much-anticipated memoir that he had killed 25 “enemy combatants.”


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  1. Harry’s life went to shit ever since he met Harry’s Wife.

    (some of you might know the reference I’m making)

    Y-tube: HG Tudor

  2. Just had a lovely cup of “Constant Comment” Bigelow tea (American Made) steeped with the boiling water from our also American Made Tea Kettle (Paul Revere’s signature’s toward the bottom of the copper-clad kettle) . There are NO “royals” here on these shores thanks to the patriots who fought the American Revolution .

    Thank you, Dear Lord for the American Patriots and please bestow YOUR blessings on the USA even though we don’t deserve it . Am asking in Jesus’s most Holy Name . Amen

    Pax et Bonum !

  3. I think I have discovered why Meghan Merkin wanted out of the Royal Business. The “family” frowns on too much make-up on females. Now, when you consider Meghan’s face, you realize she has a lot of warts, pimples, freckles, and other things stuck on her face, and surely needs a lot of war paint to cover it all up. She can only compete with pretty Kate by plastering her mug with 1/4 inch of make-up, but that’s not allowed.

  4. Harry and Merkin will be has-beens soon enough. They’ll quickly burn through that $100 mil they got from Netflix. In 5 years they’ll be lucky getting a few hundred bucks from being on the cover of People.

    The two of them made a big disaster with their decisions. I actually feel bad for them.

  5. I had to look up which one Prince Harry was. I don’t get Americans fawning over the British royals. I am more impressed with somebody driving a car with a Veteran’s tag.

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