Professor: Americans Breathe Psychotic “Anti-Blackness”

Crystal Fleming believes that most Americans breath psychotic “anti-blackness” and that the entire human species might be “unwell.” Fleming is an “Assistant Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at Stony Brook University.”

According to Fleming, American culture, and perhaps the entire human species, is “mentally and socially unwell and has been profoundly unwell for generations.”

This illness can be seen in Americans’ treatment of race in the United States.

Fleming argues that “anti-blackness is psychotic” and it is something that “most Americans breathe:”
Anti-Blackness Professor
On her twitter profile, Fleming has made several racially charged statements, such as saying that the “”Nation of immigrants” discourse erases slave-descended African Americans, indigenous people and involuntary migrants” and asking whether the Democrat debate last night was “a presidential debate or a white power rally?”

Professor Fleming also blames the “patriarchy” for most of the Democrats’ candidates being men, adding that even Hillary Clinton’s run is evidence of the patriarchy:
Among other tweets, Fleming also asks questions on twitter concerning race, such as, “Do you have people in your life that understand and support your decolonizing praxis and healing processes?”

IOTW Report was the first news site to report Fleming’s statements.

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  1. Lol, I’m not a racist, I just know who to avoid and for good reason. I avoid big fat stinky white people and those that look crippled by progressivism just as reverently.

  2. If anybody is “mentally and socially unwell” it is the Left. They are the empty insane asylums.

    iOTWreport is right on top of the news. That’s one reason I get most of my news here.

    Congratulations Aurelius and iOTWreport!

  3. The Sociology Department is an anti-human asylum of hate. The first picture on the web page is of the monster, Karl Marx.

  4. So she doesn’t like the fact that all the Democratic candidates are white?

    Good, she can vote for Ben Carson if she’s that upset.

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