Professor who cheered Barbara Bush’s death won’t be fired

WT: The Fresno State professor who publicly cheered last week’s death of former first lady Barbara Bush will not be fired by the university.

Joseph Castro, the president of the public university, said the comments by Randa Jarrar were an embarrassment, but protected speech under the First Amendment.  more


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  1. “were an embarrassment, but protected speech under the First Amendment”

    how come a professor criticizing gays, muslims, the gender confused and gun control advocates don’t get the same protections ?

  2. I’m old enough to remember the Great Blog War of ’07 when a commie PoS, DailyKos contributor named Steve Gilliard died and someone on the Right made completely accurate, unkind remarks upon his passing.

    People quit their jobs, attempts to fire college professors, bloggers quitting because they got attacked by their own sides.

    Good times.

    Remember Jarrar when someone makes an unkind remark on Clinton, Podesta, or any of the others richly deserving crash in a field or choke on their chicken marsala.

    They’ll be doxxed and hounded. For this bitch, they are just like “oh, well” free speech. What can ya do?

  3. O.K., she doesn’t get fired for comments about Mrs Bush. I believe I read an article about her advocating hi-jackings and use of explosive devices. Where’s FBI, Homeland Security or even Local Law Enforcement on that?

  4. Who gives a shit what Trigglypooh says or does? If some shitty college in California wants her as a mouthpiece, so be it. She’s a fat piece of shit with a mouth like a trucker. Judging by the ag tire around her midsection, she will be dead inside the next decade. We will all rejoice as we piss on her grave.

  5. I’ll be sending e-mail later telling them that I’ll be sure that my kids will not be sending any admission forms to attend Fresno State if this is the type of staff he has teaching kids.

    Of course my kids have probably never heard of Fresno, so I am actually telling the truth when I say that my kids will not be sending them letters to be accepted.

  6. Fresno State is part of the California State University System, so I assume Mr. Castro was following CSU policy regarding free speech and their employees. Any right of center professor who lost his job for exercising his first amendment rights should sue the state. Hey Castro, how about the Second amendment?

  7. There is a difference between having the right to say something and representing a business/university etc. when you say something. Funny how the libs hide behind the 1st Amendment when it benefits them but they sure don’t care to defend it for anyone that doesn’t espouse their views.

  8. What I sent them…

    Yes, protected speech. Protected speech that is and will cost the university going forward.

    A “shining light” that will now example and color the perception of what you are.

    Is there an office deep enough in the recesses of one of your buildings to house this one going forward?

  9. let’s hope all the Donors and Parents are embarrassed enough to let this “college” fold into oblivion long before MoonBeam’s trillion dollar train to nowhere arrives in town……

  10. I got a reply! I got a reply!…

    I am out of the office on leave for several weeks. I will not be checking email. If you need immediate assistance, call my office at 559.278.2795. You may also reach out to the following people:

    Campus News – Send an email to

    News related items – Send an email to

    Filming Requests and all campus messages – Send an email to

    Magazine questions – Send an email to

    Social media questions – Send an email to

    Angel Langridge
    Executive Assistant
    University Communications


  11. She can always teach the all you can eat Buffet class at the local Golden Corral. She’d be a natural at that. Paid for by with taxpayers dollars of course. You’d have to wonder how long that would last before they run out of food. They could call it Porky Pig 101.

  12. She clearly demonstrated her lack of discipline, lack of intellect, hateful myopic worldview, lack of any social decorum— all this through an open maw of free speech.

    IF Fresno State deems her worthy to teach, mentor, serve as an example for their students, what more would you need to judge that institution.
    They should feature her to recruit students as their enrollment drops, and their budgets fail and the campus drains out.

    They had their chance to dump her and fix an errant hire, but Fresno State owns her now.

  13. I just hope those interviewing applicants for jobs say, “I see you’re a Fresno State grad. Move along. Nothing for you here.”

  14. I like how Senor Castro hit the road for a 2 week vacation. Right after spring break. Can’t wait til they get around to draining this swamp.

  15. EMT’s won’t do her any good! It will take too long to get a heavy duty crane into position to move her Fa=Toss into the back end of a stake bed truck to get her to a hospital. Might be just to put her down at the scene.

  16. You know that gunt is sentient and has feelings? It retained Gloria Allred. Gunts are people too you know.

  17. Fresno State is standing by this “khanzirah” even as donations are drying up. Let that sink in. And what makes Fresno State any different than any elite university in this country? It’s probably less PC than most

  18. OBTW, “khanziirah” is Arabic for female pig. Just want her to know we’re thinking about her in her own native language

    Also accurate would be

    Bint khanziriyah — Pig girl
    Sitt khanziriyah — Pig woman

    Ans when you pronounce this, remember the “kh” is not a k consonant, but the “hawk-a-loogie “h” consonant. If you’ve ever heard an Arab speak you’ll know the disgusting sound I’m talking about

  19. What she said about BB was crude and low class. But it’s the bulk of the other things she has said that makes her worthy of being fired. I’d bet the professors who who have defended her are also equally disgusting PoS. Who wants to send their child to a school with such low standards? Or support it with donations? .

    With the freedom to keep Ms Hog on the staff comes the freedom to suffer the consequences. And I hope the consequences are huge and severe. ( but expecting to be disappointed by weak response)

  20. Protected speech, my butt.

    What would she have to say to actually GET fired? Threaten to kill the school administration?

    Cowardly administration.

  21. My understanding was that her colleagues decided it was punishment enough having to live out the rest of her life being Randa Jarrar.

  22. Will APRIL 25, 2018 AT 1:41 PM
    When Hillary does pass away, I’ll join many American’s to urinate on her grave.

    Sadly with my amount of patience the lines will be far too long for me wait my turn… That and my prostrate is the size of a small grapefruit, so I couldn’t wait that long.

  23. Now it’s time to get the list of those that make recurring donations to the school and send them a letter complete with her picture, her statements and a link to a website that her many colorful videos. Then ask whether they are still willing to support this sort of education for the future leader of the state. Encourage them to send a note to Mr. Castro asking whether her Tenure will be reconsidered or should the senders donation.

  24. this is my state on drugs, any questions?

    so, since 2011, this jabba the hutt looking pinche baboso has siphoned roughly $585,236.56 out of the public coffers. when will someone down this Hindenburg. meaning take the hot air outta this windbags sails.

    maybe we should be asking the clown guy at the top of this circus food chain.

  25. I am getting REALLY sick of of these 2 sets of rules the idiot left demands. Bake that cake you fat crunt.

  26. So this sitt khanziriyah (thanks, lennie!) giving out the suicide hotline as her number isn’t even worthy of censure? They were swamped. People could have died.


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