Professor Who Was Targeted by Antifa Found Dead in His Home

Dangerous: A University of Texas professor who received numerous threats from antifa was found dead in his home last Thursday.

The cause of the death is still under investigation, reports Zero Hedge.

The 57-year-old  University of Texas professor, Richard Morrisett, had become a target by antifa over a domestic violence incident stemming from 2016. The professor sparked outrage from the parents of students when he plead guilty to an off campus incident with his girlfriend. The school responded with UT President Greg Fenves making a declaration in a letter that any employee who breaks the law may face discipline even if they don’t pose a direct threat to campus safety.

An armed group of extreme antifa leftists, calling themselves “Revolutionary Student Front,” made continuous threats against Morrissett, a tenured pharmacy professor, following the charges. The door of his lab was defaced with menacing messages like “GET Out Morrisett OR ELSE” and “WATCH YOUR BACK RICHARD,” accompanied by communist iconography.

Revolutionary Student Front – Austin, describes themselves as a “revolutionary anti-capitalist student movement” that used the University of Texas as their base of operations.

The militant radicals recently grabbed the attention of the press after holding their own “self-defense” training practice on campus and tweeting about killing law enforcement. This month they released a 13,000+ word manifesto laying out what they call a “Revolutionary Mental Health Program (RMHP).” The documents outline the formation, victories, goals, and short comings of their program.

They state their intentions were to actively recruit students with mental health issues in order to radicalize them and “make them into active fighters”. read more

15 Comments on Professor Who Was Targeted by Antifa Found Dead in His Home

  1. “They state their intentions were to actively recruit students with mental health issues in order to radicalize them…”

    I think Austin Antifa and the Austin bomber are linked. But we’ll never find out.

  2. Do the world a favor and shut down The University of Texas, it no longer holds any relevance to the educational process.

  3. Austin is a magnet for unbalanced people. I would like to give it to California where the residents would be happier and be rid of them.

  4. “They state their intentions were to actively recruit students with mental health issues in order to radicalize them and “make them into active fighters””

    That seems redundant to me somehow. Certainly an easy task, given the prevalence of “mental issues” among kids raised on rap and ritalin.

  5. It was such a great school to attend in the early 70’s. Beautiful campus, coeds declaring freedom from bras, a great computer science department forming, and three time national champion Longhorn football team with Royal’s Wishbone-T. Haven’t been back to the town in years and years.

  6. They say capitalism is the root for mental illness but liberalism is the real root cause and they have an incurable case.

  7. If these “militants” are students, expel them. If they are not students, bar them from campus. Declare them personas non gratis and keep them away.

    Illegal, you say? What would happen at UT if Ann Coulter or Ben Shapiro were invited to speak? The culture of squelching freedom of expression has already been established on college campuses; at least use this culture to make campus safer.

  8. Time for Texas to act. Issue hundreds of “no knock warrants” and start kicking in the doors of these terrorists wannabes. A day in jail with no lawyer and no contact with the outside, associating with some of Austins finest citizens, using a single public toilet in the middle holding cell and a few hours of questioning should find out who is financing them, who are acting as safe houses (remember all the people in the 70’s that gave aid and comfort to the Weathermen who then went on to prestigeous academic careers) and giving them support and most important of all scare the romantics and dabblers out of the this life that can only lead to destruction.

  9. If Antifa is (are?) the perps, they have crossed a line into outright terrorism resulting in the bodily harm of others. RICO laws and felony murder charges against anyone who knew anything about this are in order.

  10. Personally, if Antifa are going to kill people I think they have declared themselves as an armed force willing to kill to advance their ideology. They are an enemy combatant who are waging war, even if undeclared, against the U.S.. This should mean it’s OK to kill them when you come across them. No imminent threat or danger need be proven.

    Just like an enemy soldier can be shot even if he’s just standing around, Antifa should be a target upon sight of them. The old “Wanted dead or alive” posters ought to go up around Austin with the extra line “No bag limit”.

  11. Austin is a mentally ill community and the u of t is an insane asylum. I think they suffer from a liberal inferiority complex b/c they are in tx and they badly overcompensate in trying to show just how far left they are.


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