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Progressive jihad’s next target: The Fleur de Lis

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The same progressives that insist on removal of civil war memorials in Louisiana may have found the next historical atrocity to expunge from the record, a symbol of French kings, and the very symbol that identifies a state and it’s own history going back to before the founding of the United States, the Fleur de lis. MORE @ Diogenes’ Middle Finger.

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  1. If progressives start jerking around with the Fleur de lis they are going to tick off the French and then where are they going to go for their models for existential nihilism, bloody revolution and state terror?

    Don’t do it lefties, you’ll be biting the hand that justifies you’re worse impulses.

  2. Astronaut John Young placed a confederate flag on the moon in 1972. Somebody better go get that thing. Oh wait, we have no space program. Be sure and mention that flag to all the Libs you come across. They won’t be able to sleep at night. Ever.

  3. The next time I see some commie wearing an offensive and insulting T-shirt with that hideously romanticized drawing of the murdering, racist, homophobic Che Guevara I’m going to start yelling about how insensitive the wearer is and asking for others nearby to help me teach him/her/it a lesson in real political correctness.

    Time to turn the damned tables.

  4. There a lot of florists out there called Fleur de Lis. Are they all going to be forced to change the name of their of their florist shop now that these miserable pissants have found another symbol they want banned because it might be racist? Give it up you miserable pissants and we won’t have to hate your guts because everything and anything is racist to you that doesn’t agree with your socialist worldview.

  5. Versions of the Fleur de Lis go back to ancient Egyptian times. It is also seen in Jewish art and architecture.

    The left is creating mass hysteria which they hope to use for their own ends, such as a cultural purge. History repeats.

  6. I will not surrender nor submit to replacing the Fleur-de-lis in the Boy Scout symbols, including the World Scout Emblem. Progs will never be satisfied even if they paint us all with a rainbow.

  7. I like it here en Louisianne. The racist Leftists are going to have to pry my Fleurs De Lis from my cold dead hands.

    By the way, has anyone fact-checked the allegations of this alleged historian? It would not surprise me one bit if it is 100% bullshit.

  8. The Fleur de Lis represents a symbol of deification, associated with a Holy Trinity, linked to the forbidden fruit of immortality, from the Tree of Life, also known as the Tree of Knowledge. As I discovered, the symbol that we have come to recognize as the Fleur de lis, first appears in the art of the ancient Sumerians. Historians propose that Sumer was settled between 4500 and 4000 BC by a non-Semitic people and that ancient Sumer was known as the “land of the civilized kings”. The Sumerian word for “Lord” is apu, the same exact word for “Lord” used by the ancient Inca civilization of Peru. Surprisingly, as I discovered, the ancient symbol that we have come to recognize as the Fleur de lis appears in the art of Mesoamerica at approximately the same time in history as the rise of the ancient Olmecs (1200 B.C. to 400 B.C.). Perhaps not so surprisingly, the emblem of the Fleur de lis in pre-Columbian art and iconography carries the same symbolism of Kingship, as in the Old World, linked to a Trinity of gods, a Tree of Life and a mushroom of immortality.

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