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PROOF that Wounded Warrior Project uses less than 52% of donations to help vets


I wrote an article at the end of 2014 “Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud” discussing how little of the donations that the Wounded Warrior Project gets actually goes to helping veterans in need.

wounded warrior

From the hundreds of comments that article received, a vase majority of people echoed their own personal frustration in dealing with the Wounded Warrior Project and how they were made to feel more like stage props for fundraising campaigns than actual human beings in need.

Of course, there were a few vehement, “head in the sand” supporters of the WWP who accused me of being anti veteran (even though I am a vet myself) and of anyone who said anything bad about the WWP as being ungrateful or having a nefarious ulterior motive.

Even when I engaged these blind followers and told them about how the breakdown of money is spent they turned a deaf ear or even worse, claimed that only spending 47-52% of donations to ACTUALLY use for the purported cause was GOOD, because other charities were worse.

Unsurprising they became obstinate when I rattle off a number of veteran charities that spend over 90% of donations directly helping vets.  Places like the Phoenix Patriot Foundation or Fisher House.


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  1. One of the prime areas of responsibility, according to the constitution, is the federal role in the defense of the country.
    Thus, the federal Government has a duty and an obligation first and foremost to the Veterans that do that duty. That is a proper and responsible use of tax dollars. Charleton organization’s that purport to supplement, coordinate, or eliminate that role are to
    be repudiated. The Government needs to do its job and provide
    for the veterans and we citizens need to see that they do!

  2. I had my eyes opened when they refused a donation from a church group because they were religious. Heathens.

    I scream at the TeeVee whenever their ads are on.

    Now this makes me even more mad.

  3. My husband and I donate to Soldier’s Angels. So far they seem to be doing a great job

  4. If they are using more that 20% of what they take they are doing well.

    Most “charities” exist to enrichen the board. And they do that damn well.

    Been thinking about starting up one of my own. Benefiting moron children of dyslectic black transgendered victims of botched gender re-assignment surgery. That were actually gender confused about toe nail polish color palates that became controversial on E Entertainment.

  5. My wife and I donate to the person themselves. We ‘adopt’ a wounded warrior.
    We help as much as we can. Including housecleaning. Trips to the store or hospital. We try to make their life easier.

  6. I was donating to Wounded Warrior through my Amazon Smile account. Just changed that to Phoenix Patriot Foundation.

  7. Jeezus Fucking Cripes!!

    everything in the world is a scam, it seems

    i have no inheritors….was wondering who to give my stuff to

  8. That pisses me off. Using a wounded veteran as a prop to steal is beneath contempt. I’m not a vet, but my dad, my uncles, my sister, my brother, my brothers-in-law, and my son, are. There are a couple others doing that, too – I think HHV and BVA.

    Not sure, so don’t get too pissy.

  9. I bet it’s 52% more then Bill and Hill give out in charitable causes via their nonprofit.

  10. Wounded Warriors is the charity that Tough Mudder supports…it always struck me as a way for TM to “pull the patriot card” while WW gets huge exposure. What became interesting to track was how much money TM actual donated…it’s a pittance and to see all the people on the TM Facebook page asking why TM won’t respond on how they can donate the funds they raised on their behalf. The whole thing stinks.

  11. The best kind of charity is when it goes directly to people. no middle man.

  12. There are tons of great organizations to donate to. But always give with your eyes open as to the service they provide and how well and efficiently they do it.

  13. Every time I see Bruce Willis on the boob tube hawking WWP he looks like he’s been sentenced to do the PSA as community service for DUI or something, and he looks like he’s stoned while doing it.

  14. The anti-2A racist Samuel Jackson supports Wounded Warrior Project. Should be a red flag right there.

    Thanks for the heads up on this deceitful organization.

  15. Let the government take care of the wounded !! You people need to remember that it is a voluntary army. You get fucked up in a different country that we got no business meddling , then that’s your problem!!

  16. Crap, I was wearing my WWP T shirt yesterday. But seriously folks, I was aware of that issue at least a year ago. Bad on me for keeping on wearing it, but I’m frugal that way… I’m wearing my “Never Forget Benghazi” shirt today. It’s Bloody good!

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