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Prosecutors say they will not retry an Arizona rancher accused of murder near the US-Mexico border

PHOENIX (AP) — Prosecutors said Monday they will not retry an Arizona rancher whose trial in the fatal shooting of a Mexican man on his property ended last week with a deadlocked jury.

The jurors in the trial of George Alan Kelly were unable to reach a unanimous decision on a verdict after more than two days of deliberation. Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Thomas Fink declared a mistrial on April 22.

After the mistrial, the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office had the option to retry Kelly — or to drop the case.

“Because of the unique circumstances and challenges surrounding this case, the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office has decided not to seek a retrial,” Deputy County Attorney Kimberly Hunley told Fink Monday. more

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  1. They should have never threw him in court to begin with.

    His land was invaded and he dealt with the invader appropriately.

    This is reason No. 1 for the 2nd Amendment.

  2. Predictable outcome. Now, where does he go for recompense?

    Emotional suffering over taking a human life (yes, even the most righteous shootings cause anguish within the shooter), incarceration, legal bills, loss of income while in court, and the debilitating fright suffered over months as to whether he would have to go to prison, all things take a demonstrable toll on his well being.

    So now he is free, free but damaged, and no mechanism exists to make him whole again.

  3. Protecting illegals is more important to this administration than following the Constitution.

    They believe illegals will be easier to control than us horrible 2nd amendment followers.

  4. “Protecting illegals is more important”
    The 4 illegals arrested in NYC cop beatdown currently walking free, fled to Commifornia.

    Daniel Penny is a former U.S. Marine sergeant who is facing charges of manslaughter.

  5. Cmn¢¢guy

    Out of the four that fled to California two got busted in AZ for something. I believe they’re still incarcerated there. Violent little bastards aren’t they.

  6. According to prosecutors, ONLY ONE juror was in the “guilty” camp. This was NOT EVEN CLOSE. Jury nullification helped end slavery. You are going to find more and more sympathetic juries the worst the government makes the illegals problem.

  7. I read multiple places that authorities couldn’t even prove he’s the one that fired the round that killed the illegal. If that’s true why did they bother bringing this to trial. Because they had to make an example out of this guy to stop Americans from defending their property and families. Our Gov is our enemy.

  8. Yes Brad they never found the bullet that killed the guy. The medical examiner couldn’t even say how far away the gun was fired.
    I watched some of the trial and listened to juror questions, one juror had very broken English, probably the one hold out. Something else sad is how many border patrol could barely speak English and probably are guilty of taking money to look the other way.

  9. That one juror had their mind made up at the get-go 😩

    Praise God he does answer prayers, but now the poor guy is probably broke from defending himself 😢

    He should write a book about his experience…how the law abiding American citizen is now the criminal and the illegal aliens are immune 🤬

    As a country we have sunk to new lows

  10. Brad, I couldn’t respond to you on the other post. So to make things short, if you’re going to quote me, quote me correctly. I said bird dogs that flush and retrievers. Two different types of dogs. SO yes I know what I’m talking about, my Dad raised different types of hunting dogs, beagles, redbones, black and tans and Springers. As an adult I raised Golden Retrievers and trained them. As for Goldens I knew people who also trained them to flush, although I only trained mine to retrieve.

    There’s a reason people come after you all the time, you can’t help being an ass. Every time I think I can kind of like you, you make me want to slap you.
    It boils down to what I said in the beginning, “true” farm people and country people and city people view things differently. That’s why I’m sure she saw nothing wrong with writing about it.
    There are things she should be criticized for, but attacking her over a dog is stupid.

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