Psaki: It’s Not ‘Constructive’ For Biden To Visit The Crisis On The Southern Border


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during Friday’s press briefing that it was not “constructive” for President Joe Biden to visit the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico.

Psaki made the remarks in response to a question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, who first asked about the latest developments involving Hunter Biden’s laptop. more

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  1. “Psaki: It’s Not ‘Constructive’ For Biden To Visit The Crisis On The Southern Border”

    TRANSLATION: We don’t need him getting heckled like Sharpton, memed liked AOC, or shooting off his God-damn mouth like he always does.

  2. They know Dementia Joe won’t be able to handle the Border Catastrophe. They will send Kalamity to Seattle to inspect the porous Border where all those Chinese Canadians are coming down from Hongcouver for urgent medical treatment.

  3. Every time a Democrat wants to avoid getting their hands dirty in a crisis of their own making, or responding in person to a natural disaster, their excuse is either that it would be “disruptive” or that it wouldn’t be “constructive”. The fact that they’re always no-shows, and the media always gives them a pass, is very instructive that they don’t give a fuctive.


  4. How’s Kamala’s investigation into herself about what’s happening at the border proceeding? This admin is a goddamn joke.

  5. Biden speaking to his largest ever fan base at the border,

    “You people have been camped out for days, even weeks waiting to hear me speak. I’m much more loved and supported than the other guy!”

  6. Well that’s odd. During Hurricane Katrina the communists insisted it would have been constructive for President Bush to be in N’arlinz one minute after the storm left. They tore President Bush to pieces for not getting there right away. I don’t get it. This looks like a double standard. S/off for now folks.


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