Public Opinion Poll Shows That Most Democrats Do Not Want Businesses Forced Into Participating in Gay Marriages

It’s a highly vocal minority of, let’s be frank, morons who think someone running a business should be forced into participating in a gay marriage.

If asked what my most liberal stance is on any one issue I’d have to say it is my views on homosexuality. I’m tolerant. I honestly don’t care what grown adults want to do with other grown adults, as long as I still have the right to say I think banging a guy in his hairy ass is revolting. Don’t tell me what’s disgusting. I tell you what I think is disgusting.

Gays want to form a legal family? Great. Go forth and pretend to multiply. You want to have a big ceremony celebrating your union? Great. I might even go if I was invited. I’m tolerant that way. But don’t force some business into participating in your celebration when their faith teaches them that homosexuality is a sin.

Here’s the thing, if you’re gay and you happen to be devout, then you should know better than to force someone into participating in an unholy act.

If you’re gay and you know nothing about being devout, then you’re just being a jerk. You’re just messing with someone’s faith because you’re a jerk. Stop being a jerk.

Most people think you’re being a jerk, including most democrats. Story HERE

17 Comments on Public Opinion Poll Shows That Most Democrats Do Not Want Businesses Forced Into Participating in Gay Marriages

  1. Yeah. Jerks being jerks. Because they’re the jerkiest jerks that ever jerked a jerk with an electrified jerking machine. Fucking jerks.

    Most gays aren’t interested in mega-social issues so some entity must be pressuring them to make all this a big issue. Gee, I wonder who that could be. (cough cough)

  2. If you are a gay couple wanting to celebrate your “marriage”, why the hell would you have someone who does not support your wedding make your cake?? Or cater your wedding?? Or host your reception??

    The only reason is because your and your partner are some kind of activists who are more interesting in making a fucking scene and showing all of us bigots what your “rights” are really all about.

  3. Talcum X and his big wig needs to morph with Muslim Rage Boy because I swear every week there is a new outrage to rage about.

    Can the Left really sustain this War on ______ until Ted Cruz is elected President? Surely, at some point they will run out of shiny objects.

  4. Black and Hispanic Democrats will be firmly against it, white liberal Yoga asshole will be for it because it’s stylish and cool.

  5. Its become the hysteria of the week. What kind of red neck gay has catered pizza?? what is worse is we on the right once again fail elderly fail to respond in any sort of coherent matter

  6. Would someone please recommend a muslim bakery?

    I want them to bake my specially designed muhammad drawn, burning Quran, gay wedding cake.

    The design has a brilliant caricature of muhammad giving a blow job to the supreme leader of Iran.

    The centerpiece Quran bursts into flames when a fountain of Holy Water, blessed by the Pope, cascades over that documented parchment based on the religion of peace.

    I plan to invite Obama, especially since he evolved on the issue of gay marriage.

    BTW, the reception will have an open bar with Rumaki appetizers.

  7. “…as long as I still have the right to say I think banging a guy in his hairy ass is revolting.”


    Wait. Perhaps an “Amen” would be more appropriate.

  8. I’m with the 4th century crowd on this one, although I’m for keeping the livestock chaste. In other words, no commingling with the animals.

    I know, I’m such a prude.

  9. When the democrats can voice their opinion anonymously, they almost always side with conservatives on the issue of homosexuality. When they are not anonymous, they rail against those “hateful conservatives.”

    You’ll notice the difference. We conservatives always have the same stance; democrats blow with the wind.

  10. I think the most pitiful thing about it is that America’s majority submits to and allows such a small number of little panty-waste bullies to push around those who still see homosexuality as a perversion and the anus as a bacteria- infested orifice that was designed for one thing only- to eliminate filthy human waste.

    But it’s good to hear that there might be some democrats who are not yet fully effeminate. Next step is to leave the D party before you are.

  11. Why don’t they go to a I dunno…a GAY bakery???
    But no.
    This is about the attempted extinguishment of that which is good and true ( heterosexuality) and will stop ay nothing til Sodom and Gomorrah is once again realized. They will never be satisfied in their own perverse condition.

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