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Georgia: Pug Chases Off Armed Home Invaders

A small family pet chased off a trio of armed home invaders Sunday night after they attempted to rob residents at Woodland of Athens condominiums off Barnett Shoals Road, Athens-Clarke County police said. Ā – Story Here

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  1. No, they were black.
    The BEST home defence is a BBD.
    Big Black Dog, they are scared to death of a dog.
    My regular UPS driver usually walks up because it’s a narrow driveway with live oak hanging branches, he’s white and doesn’t care.
    The one yesterday wouldn’t get out of the truck, the dogs were in the house, he could hear them.

  2. These burglars were already scared, apparently their planning did not include “what do we do if a dog attacks”, so they all ran at full speed. They can be fierce, but their barking is high pitched.

  3. I LOVE pugs!! They are the only dog that makes me just laugh out loud every time I see one. Then I have to imitate their snuffling. We used to take care of our neighbor’s pug, “Boozer”, whenever they were out of town. Loved that dog. And so fun and friendly. And because he was so small, our two cats treated him like another cat. I had a gut laugh imagining a pug chasing off anyone. Maybe getting licked to death by one!

  4. Sometime little doggies can be very scary. Growing up, we had a little dachshund/beagle mix. She was adorable and lovey. One time I put her on the covered front porch and dressed in a coat, hat, gloves, etc and walked around the outside of the house. When I turned the corner, Red started snarling, growling and lunging at the door to get at me. She was going to protect her turf no matter what. It nearly scared the shit out of me. I ran back to the back porch, took off the coat etc and walked back to the front. There she was, slobbering with her tongue hanging out waiting for me to cuddle her.

    She got steak that night!

  5. I had a police officer tell me once that a yappy dog was one of the best deterrents to a home invasion. I think it definitely helps, but I’ll depend on my firepower first.

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