‘Quid Pro Joe’ Comes to Times Square as Pro-Trump PAC Launches ‘Subpoena Biden!’ Billboard

PJM: The Committee to Defend the President, one of the largest pro-Trump PACs, will spend $40,000 to run the billboard until March 1, in addition to spending at least $5,000 on Facebook advertising to spread the word. The billboard, located at 1500 Broadway and 43rd Street, is two-sided and both sides feature the video of Biden admitting to withholding aid to Ukraine until its government fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company.

SNIP: No audio. It’s for a billboard.

3 Comments on ‘Quid Pro Joe’ Comes to Times Square as Pro-Trump PAC Launches ‘Subpoena Biden!’ Billboard

  1. Whut the hell! It isn’t even a question of IF Jackass Joe Biden committed a crime! We know he did. Of that there is no question. There is ample evidence to prove it, but on top of all that, he brags about strong-arming an entire country by using his political position for his own gain! A bag of (taxpayer’s) gold in one hand and a clenched fist threat in the other while looking at his watch. That’s Quid-Pro-Quo in anybody’s book! So how insulting is it to be dick-slapped on a daily basis by this stone-cold, crooked-ass, Tourettes-addled, grinning imbecile with the mental agility of a small plant stand while no one does anything about it? Holy shit, how hard could it be to prosecute this incompetent fool? Yes I get the fact that it would represent a stain the so-called “Obama legacy” and ruin their silly claim of “not a smidgeon of scandal” but let the games begin cuz, I dunno about yous guys, but I’m sick and tired of being peed on and being told it’s just raining!


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