Rand Paul: ‘We will get to the bottom’ of COVID-19’s origins if GOP wins majority – IOTW Report

Rand Paul: ‘We will get to the bottom’ of COVID-19’s origins if GOP wins majority

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Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul predicted that a GOP majority in Congress would “get to the bottom” of the origins of COVID-19, something that still hasn’t been fully investigated. 

“I think most of the mainstream media has kept off of the airwaves a discussion of gain-of-function research or the origins of the virus, but we will get to the bottom of this,” Paul said on a conference call with reporters. “It’s going to take control of committees …

“I’ve talked to Jim Jordan and others about investigating this. I think there’s a great deal of interest in investigating the origins of the virus. I’m very interested in it, but it depends on elections. Elections have consequences. We’ll have to see what happens in November.”

Republicans and moderate Democrats have called on Democratic congressional leaders to establish a commission to investigate the origins of COVID-19. Such a commission was never formed. Under the Democrat-led Congress, the relevant committees haven’t fully investigated the origins of the virus or China’s handling of the initial outbreak. Paul himself held the first congressional hearing on gain-of-function research earlier this month.

Paul was asked for his opinion of the Biden administration’s handling of monkeypox and whether he thinks it could reach the level of a pandemic. 

“I think the reason it won’t spread to the level of COVID is it’s not spread through air, it’s spread through sexual contact primarily, and among the gay community,” he said. “I do think that they’ve already made some of the same mistakes that they made with COVID. more here

14 Comments on Rand Paul: ‘We will get to the bottom’ of COVID-19’s origins if GOP wins majority

  1. There will be no new legislation the next two years. May as well spend it on inquiries like these.
    And impeachments in 2025.

  2. Mickey Mauci’s Wuhan bioweapons lab investment! Why do you think that beady-eyed ratfink is worth over 100 million large?! On a gummint salary?! A little neck stretching on the National Mall will cure him of what ails us!!!

  3. Here is how the train wreck analogy works. When the democraps are in control it’s full speed ahead toward disaster. When the repuglicants are in control it’s slow down, pull into the station, and refuel. Ad nauseum.

  4. Possibly the most devastating man-made event in all of world history — destroying lives, livelihoods, and causing world-wide panic, depression, and oppression — and all the organs of the communistic Left remain silent, punish those who question, and have generated almost nothing but propaganda in response. It is imperative that not only the origins of covid be understood, but that ALL who participated in this evil be exposed and, if not brought to true justice, at least pilloried in public view so that their credibility is impeached for good and all time.

  5. I want to know why this guy is shooting his mouth off about all the things they’re “going” to do. What’s the point of telegraphing the punch?

  6. If the GOP wins back Congress, they’ll likely put the same old establishment GOP assholes back in charge, and they will do nothing to punish the most lawless democrat scum who’ve turned the country inside out for over 4 years. They’ll still refer to scum like Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and Whitehouse as “colleagues” because that’s what they truly are to the establishment GOP.

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  8. “If the people deign grant us the majority to rule them, then mass executions of government employees, for being government employees, will be the law of the land.”


    Stuff it where the Pride Pox shines.

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